Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Every time that I piece a quilt, I always, always, always go ahead and make the binding. Everytime...so please tell me why I was so happy to finish quilting this baby quilt, only to find out that I had NOT made the binding ahead of time??!! So, instead of spending the evening sewing on the binding, I am making the binding! Oh well..it has to be done.

I finished the quilting on this quilt because I have had some free time at home. Monday morning, Cade woke up with a fever. Trip to the Doctor and he has strep throat. No school for him Monday or Tuesday. I will admit that I have enjoyed having that boy home with me! I feel so bad that he was so sick! He is much better today and will be back at school on Wednesday. I am staying clear of the Library, and Sherry, until I am sure that I'm not going to come down with strep.

I hope to have pictures of a finished baby quilt really soon!


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Michelle said...

...and I hope to see pictures soon! Glad Cade is feeling better! be blessed, Michelle