Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew In or (I'm so lazy)

I thought about blowing off FNSI, I was at the library all week, and I was sooo tired! I guess I'm still recovering from my surgery (atleast that is what I kept whinning to my husband) My husband had already planned on taking the boys out so I had the house to myself. I thought about just laying on the couch and watching Deadliest Catch on tv. Then, I thought about all the times during the week when I was at the school and was wishing I was home sewing. I went into my sewing room and hoped I would be inspired! I have a quilt top ready to be basted but I just couldnt make myself do that! Not ready to be crawling on my hands and knees yet!

I dug around in some of my old fabric and found some blocks that I had from a block swap (a long time ago) I was a new, self-taught quilter, I found an online chat group that was all about quilting. I loved that group, I learned so much! They would host fabric and block swaps. I was always too intimidated to join. After watching for a couple of years I decide to join a swap. The block was from an online site (they had permission) they set up rules for color, fabric style and quality of blocks. Let me tell you, I drove myself (and family) crazy about those blocks!! I worked so hard to make them perfect! The rules were, if the blocks were not good quality, measured correctly, they would be sent back!! I was not going to let that happen!! I even had a nightmare that my blocks were sent back to me and I was kicked out of the group! I did my blocks over and over again, I made Andy measure them to make sure they were perfect!!!! So, what do you think happened?? Some (most) of the blocks I received were off by 1/4 to over 1/2 an inch!!! I was stunned!! I reread the instructions to make sure I had my sizes right....I did...I was floored! By then, I hated the blocks so I stuck them in a baggie and forgot about them!! and, I never joined another block swap!! Now, I know that a 1/4 seam allowance can be hard to get and if all the blocks had been off by the same amount they would have been fine. But, they were all different sizes. Not an uncommon thing when so many different people are making the blocks!

I got the blocks out last night, measured them again and started taking them apart. Before, I would have felt guilty taking someone else's work apart but now I don't. I still have 3 more blocks to put back together. I think this will make a cute little kids quilt. I think I will put flannel on the back and I might tie this quilt. I have always wanted to tie a quilt. I really love all the 30's fabrics in this quilt. This quilt makes me remember how much I loved quilting when I first started. I fell in love with 30's fabrics and quilts. I don't use them as much in my quilts anymore but they will always have a special place in my heart!

Have a great weekend!


wishes, true and kind said...

Great story! You sound just like me -- putting so much pressure on yourself and taking it all so seriously, only to find out that others did not live up to the "standard" set. And good for you for salvaging those old blocks. It's a lovely quilt!

sophie said...

You should never EVER feel bad about taking apart swap blocks if that's what you need to do to make them work. Once you swap blocks, the ones you received yours, yours, all yours to do with whatever you want.

I'm sure it was a lot of extra work, but I'll bet it felt good to salvage those old blocks. The top is very pretty. I cannot look at 30's repros without smiling.

Sandy said...

I love the fabrics in this quilt and bless your heart for going to all of that have a great quilt now!

Michelle said...

It looks great, Libby. I know everyone sews differently, and even with a 1/4" foot, just the difference in the way people sew, makes a difference. Looks like you got it all figured out though.

jillquilts said...

Oh, I had to put a quilt together that was made of other people's blocks. It SUCKED!!! But it was also a quilt for someone so I couldn't take blocks apart. ugh!!

Good luck!