Thursday, June 24, 2010


I had a great time fabric shopping! We went to Tiny Stitches, a quilt shop about 40 minutes from here. It is a very nice shop and everyone was very nice.

I bought fabric for 2 different baby quilts. Kelsey picked out some fabric for me to make her a new pillowcase.
Next, we had a nice lunch. It was nice to visit with Kelsey without the boys there acting like nuts! I missed having Cade around though, I can't remember do much fabric shopping without him!

We also stopped in at Quilts and Fixins. Very sweet shop! I bought batting and a pattern.

I took pictures of my loot but they are all very blurry:(..I am working on Kelsey's pillowcase today so I hope to retake the pics later on!
Thanks for reading!


Darlene said...

Sounds like a fun shopping trip with your daughter!!♥

big B said...

What a fun day! Can't wait to see your "loot" pictures :)