Saturday, February 19, 2011

FNSI Results

I enjoyed my FNSI! Cade ended up going to my sister's for a shorter visit that Andy and I both agreed on. My sister was very happy! Andy was at the Fire Dept. so it was just me and the cat! It was so nice to have some time to myself to work on something totally "just because" Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for helping us spend some time for ourselves!

This is what I decided to work on: I have made Kelsey a quilt for each of her college years. I plan on making one for her each year. She will leave college with 4 bed sized quilts. I have always wanted to make her a "Single Girl" quilt by Denyse Schmidt. I bought the pattern years ago but was to scared to try it. There are 31 pieces just in the circles, not counting background. If you want to have a twin size (and I do) that would mean 12 rings. 12 rings time 31 pieces =372 little pieces! AND it has curved piecing!

I happened to be wasting time on Flickr and came upon a Single Girl Support Group that was just starting up! I read that the cutting and tracing the templates was the hardest part. Well, I love that kinda work so I jumped in! I'm no fool though, I am making a test block before I get all excitied that I (Kelsey) will be the owner of a Single Girl Quilt!

I enjoyed making the templates. I got one Ring Quarter done. I am using all scraps on this block.

Here are my template pieces and fabric all organized and clipped together in case of a cat fit! I got great advice from the Support Group. Organization is very important!

Today I have Saturday Sewing at the church so I plan on getting some more work done on this block. I hope this takes my mind off of missing my sweet boy!


Regina said...

This looks great! I did not sew last night - I shopped!!! I know - that's bad!

Love the "alone time" - bittersweet sometimes but amazing how much you can get done!

Anonymous said...

The Single Girl quilt looks amazing. I'll be anxious to see your progress.

Bobbi said...

oh im jealous....ive been eyeing those single girl quilts lately. im scared to start :)

ill just watch your progress. LOL

jillquilts said...

That looks awesome!! I hope that you got lots done and are still enjoying the pattern! :D