Friday, February 18, 2011

I Need a FNSI

Woo Hoo! Tonight is Friday Night Sew In. Have you signed up? There is still time, go on over to Bobbi's blog and sign up!

This probably won't be my most productive FNSI but I think it is my most "need that" FNSI! I have had one of "those" weeks. It hasn't been all bad. I had a birthday so I did some shopping and had a great supper with my guys! After that, it went down hill! It seems the library is having a hard time letting go of it's free help. The Libriarian is back so I am ready to be back to a once a week schedule and I am having a hard time saying "no" for everytime I am needed there. I am glad to help out but I have so many things that I want/need to do at home.

Then my sister got mad because I won't let Cade go to Alabama and spend some time with her and her family. It was going to be for 4 nights and Andy just wasnt comfortable with that. I'm sorry but I can't go against my husband on something like this. She didnt see it that way:( I do hope that Cade and I can go visit her over Spring Break....if she's talking to me by then!

and Kelsey's car got broke into at college. The dummies did alot of damage to her door before they decided to bust in her window. They didnt get anything..but caught! We had to go get her car and bring it home to have it repaired. Atleast she didnt walk up on it and get hurt!

ok...enough of my pity party! Cade has karate tonight but after that we are going by a fastfood place and I am coming home, putting on my pj's and sewing until atleast 9 pm!

p.s. Do Not for 1 minute think that me showing a new quilt pattern means that I have finshed any of my UFO's...cuz I sure have not!!


Regina said...

Birthday - good! (mine was yesterday - and I went quilt shop hopping!) - Stressful week - BAD! Glad it looks like your FNSI worked out well - and LOVE the Cadbury mini eggs! Hmmm.... may have to get me some!

Bobbi said...

i had a stressful week and was very glad to spend friday night locked in my sewing room. crafting just calms the soul.

eggs....oh my. i love easter :)

jillquilts said...

I wish I could've spent my Friday night sewing!! Oh well, I will make up for it this week. :)

Sorry about your stressful week!!! I hope that your weekend got better!