Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Woo Hoo! The next Friday Night Sew In is set for March 19! I have marked it on the calendar and I know that Andy is at the Fire Dept. that night so the boys can go get supper for themselves!! I will sure look forward to a night of getting all comfy, having something yummy to snack on and sewing whatever I want! If you want to join just sign up on Heidi's blog (Handmade by Heidi) it is really nice to see what others are working on and she gives away a prize on the Sunday after the Sew In!

I have written before that I am a volunteer at my son's school. It is a brand new school that just opened this school year. It is pretty big, with alot of students. I have met alot of nice people "working" there. Somehow, I got asked by the Media Specialist to volunteer in the Media Center (or library, as it used to be called) Now, getting to "work" in the library is a much sought after position!! Lot's of the Mom's want that spot!! You arent stuck cutting out things or making copies. You get to meet all the students and most of the teachers come in and out! The kids are usually excitied to be in the library (out of class) so they are glad to see you! Believe me, when Ms. Sherry asked me if I wanted to "work" in the library I jumped at the chance for all of those reasons and mostly because the Media Specialist, Ms. Sherry, is so, so nice!! She is only a year older than me (43) she is just so cute and always so fun with the students and teachers! One of those type of people that everyone loves to be around!

She sent me an email on tuesday and asked me to meet her for breakfast. She asked the other "worker" Sam, to meet us too. I knew that it was going to be bad news and it was, she has rectum cancer. She found out last Wednesday on Winter Break. She is still in shock and still having test sone to found out all the details. I was blown away! I can not imagine how she is feeling! She told us that she was scared but was going to be positive about this. She has a 15 year old daughter! She said that she feels good and was sleeping well at night. Her church was praying for her and that gave her a feeling of peace. She is very worried that with her away for her tests, that the library will be closed and she does not want that to happen. In this economy, with state and local cut-backs, our county cut back on the aides that work in the schools. There is no library assistant, if the permanent sub. is needed somewhere else when Sherry isnt there, they have to close the library for the day. She has asked me and the other Mom, Sam, to go in and open it, when we can, even if its only for a couple of hours, a couple of days. Of coarse, we said that we would be happy to do that for her. She was so relieved, but it seems like such a little thing! I would love to do more for her, so I am asking that any of you who believe in prayer, to pray for her, her family and for me and Sam, and our families as we try to do what we can for her!! I would appreciate so much! I am blown away by this, all I can do is pray and ask for more prayers!

Didnt mean to have such a sad post. I will end by showing this picture of Ruby, helping me quilt my daughter's graduation quilt last May! She took it to college with her, nexy time that she brings it home to be washed, I will get a picture of it!

Have a Great Day!


Darlene said...

I will pray for Ms. Sherry and her family. She is facing a crisis and all she is worried about is the school library. What a special woman and I hope it was caught early and she gets the help she needs and cured!

LOVE the picture of Ruby "helping" you with the She is so gorgeous!!!

Aleta said...

I'm so sorry for your friend. She will be in my prayers.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry for your friend. I pray she gets the healing she needs. You are such a blessing to the school.

Enjoy your sewing night, and remember to let your family fend for themselves. This will be YOUR night!
be blessed,

~Bren~ said...

I will certainly be praying for Ms. Sherry!! How heartbreaking, but God is a God of miracles!!! They have so much in the area of cancer now. Praying for a complete recovery!
Rudy is a doll......quilting cats are quite unique!

jillquilts said...

I'm happy that you and the other gal will work to open the library some days. That will sure help put Ms. Sherry's mind at ease to concentrate on getting well.

I've signed up for the Sew In again, too! :)