Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Friday Night!

o.k. The next time I post that I am going to cook supper before Friday Night Sew In, someone please write to me and remind me that it is not a good idea for me to do that!! Because of Winter Break, the boys had ate lunch after 1pm and Andy had gone to a funeral home so we planned a late supper. That put me in the kitchen til after 7pm. My sewing room has real shadowy lighting at night so I have a hard time doing handwork in there.

I gathered my supplies early and got everything ready! Diet Dr. Pepper, a movie, chocolate and some hand quilting!!

I did enjoy my time! I'm not near enough along on that quilt but hopefully when school starts back, I will get more done! The movie was alright, the ladies were beautiful, I loved looking at the costumes, "King Henry" was cute enough to take my attention away from my quilting!! I will say the book was better.

I have my little embroidery bag packed and I am ready to go to my Redwork class this morning!

Thanks Heidi for hosting Friday Night Sew, when is the next one?



Michelle said...

Good morning Libby! From now on, just tell your family that Friday nights are 'fend for yourselves' night!

Darlene said...

The quilt looks like it is going to be another gorgeous one! Hope you are having a ball at your redwork class!♥

~Bren~ said...

I agree with is leftovers or make it yourself night....better yet, order pizza!
For starting so late, I was surprised at how much I got done! Thanks for introducing me to the Sew In.....I am in the mood to keep going today.....Saturday Sew In????

jillquilts said...

I made the mistake of waiting for a phone call and making dinner for myself. It was awesome! But I didn't start sewing until 8:30ish. I still got lots done! :)

I have the book to read and have put off watching the movie until after I read the book. Since you liked it, I will have to move it up my list and read it soon!

Anonymous said...

Next month just order in! I also can't wait for next month and decided to continue tonight by making a pocket quilt. Wish me luck!