Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day Trippers

This week, Andy, Kelsey, Cade and I all took a day trip to the North Georgia Mountains. It is about a 2 hour drive so it's not a bad drive from here. The scenery is beautiful and the 2 kids take their ipods so it is a nice relaxing drive for us! I do have another son that is 18 years old. He went on this trip once, a couple of years ago and said that he would never go back!! He drove us crazy that trip so much that we still point out places like "Oh remember that store? That is the place that Joey got kicked out of" He decided to stay home and hang out with friends. I guess her prefers to get kicked out of places in his own hometown!!

We went to Ellijay, Blue Ridge and Dillard, Georgia. These towns are beautiful but they are really something in the fall when the leaves change! They have apple and pumpkin festivals and hayrides. We love going in the Fall but also like to visit during the summer. This is where Andy and I honeymooned and spent a second honeymoon!! We were married in December, we stayed in a cabin and got snowed in!! It is also where we "made" Kelsey, we told her this, she was disgusted at the thought, and probably won't go back with us!!!

Here are some of the pictures that I took. (they are out of order) We stopped at lots of antique shops, general stores, a quilt shop and a few holes in the wall places! We had supper at The Dillard House. A popular family style restaurant in Dillard Ga. It has a little resort, stables and a petting zoo. Lots of porches, rocking chairs and walking paths. Our last name is Dillard and my husband's family is a very very distant relation.

Here is Kelsey at one of the hole in the wall places at Tallulah Gorge. My husband remembers when these places would be so packed with visitors that you couldnt get a parking place. Sadly, the state cut a new super highway that bypassed some of these little places. Most of them have been shut down.

We thought this was pretty funny. Andy had to hold Cade up. There was a cage of bunny rabbits beside them. The owner of one of the shops looked like what my Grandma would call a "Wooly-Booger" Me and the kids stayed outside, we tried to get back in the truck but Andy had locked it. When Andy came out, Cade said "We were scared of that man" Andy said "you should have seen the one inside"

Dillard City Hall. Cade was so happy to be out in the sun!

Horses at the Dillard House.

Beautiful view!!!

Dillard House. Andy and I ate here on our honeymoon. I had just become a Dillard!

Thanks for "hearing" about our trip. I will have to take a picture of what I bought and show it later.
Have a great Day!!


Darlene said...

Hi Libby,

What a FABULOUS trip!!! It sounds like such a neat area. I would LOVE to just stroll around and look at everything. Oh, and I bet it is just GORGEOUS in the fall!♥

Valerie said...

Oh Dillard House is my favorite place in the world. WE eat there at least once or twice a year. Yummy. You definately have to go hungry. I love all of these places. We are within 3 hours or so! I love to go there in the fall too! How fun!

Judi said...

Hi Libby
What beautiful memories you have of the first time you went to this area...after first being married...poor Kelsey..*lol*...I can imagine what she was thinking...

Isn't that a shame that such a nice area doesn't get the traffic because of rerouting of roads. I have seen that happen also to once prosperous spots.

Your pictures are lovely...beautiful weather and so many smiles. I'm glad you had such a good family time....maybe your son will visit threre when he's a bit older yet and he'll enjoy it as well.

have a great rest of the weekend.