Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Embroidery

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Ours seems to be going by so fast. I love having Cade home and I don't even want to think about Kelsey packing up to head back to college.

We have been staying up late and some of us have been sleeping in. It has been super hot here and we have been getting strong thunder-storms in the evenings.

As for my sewing, after I finished the green baby quilt, I decided to take a quilting break and make this little embroidered pillowcase for my niece Ansley. It was alot of fun to do. I stressed a little with the faces. I didnt want them to look creepy and scare the poor girl! If anyone has any hints on embroidered faces, please, share with me! Also, this pattern had some satin stitching on it. Not my best stitch! I do o.k. on the little parts, the mouths and noses, but I left it off on the basket and the bow. It still turned out o.k. I have started the matching one.

Some other news, my grandmother is 86 years old and lives by herself on her own little farm. It is right up the road from all of us. The other night she woke up in the middle of the night and heard somebody moving in one of her rooms. She got up, not turning on any lights and snuck around in the dark, she tried to open the door to the room, a set of folding doors. The doors wouldnt open, she thought someone was holding them shut. Finally, she turned on the light only to find that a 4 foot SNAKE was hung in the door!!! YIKES!! She got on the phone and called my uncle. He said that she said "You better come on over here cause I'm fixing to have a heart attack" He had no idea what was going on!! He did get rid of the snake though!!


Michelle said...


giddy99 said...

HOLY CRAP. That's the stuff of nightmares! And I don't know what your grandmother was waiting for; I would have already had the heart attack. CRIKEY.

giddy99 said...

Love the embroidery, by the way! :)

Winona said...

Oh goodness, Libby, I had shivers just reading that. Your grandma must be tough, because they would have had to pick me up off the floor, make that bed, cause no way I am falling on a floor with a snake. EWWWW! LOL Your embroidery is lovely. Winona

Annie said...

Hi Libby!...I am a regular reader and do love your blog but don't usually comment...That snake story got to me!..hahahaha...your granma handled it much better than I would have!... :/ I love that kitten pillowcase!...Is it a stamped store design or did you iron it on yourself?...Awhile back you sewed a really cute set that said Sweet Dreams on it that I liked so much and just my luck they had a set at my Michaels which i am sewing now!...Thanks for the inspiration!...Blessings...Annie

Darlene said...

YIKES that is a BIG snake!!!!! How SCARY for your poor grandmother.

I LOVE that is just too SWEET!!!♥