Saturday, August 20, 2011

FNSI Results

Even with 3 eleven year old boys running around my house, I still enjoyed my FNSI! We had take out pizza for supper and lots of snacks:) I was able to sit and sew for most of the night...except when I was on bike-watch patrol while the boys rode their bikes.

I worked on a Christmas throw that I am making. Still in the planning stage. I have ordered some Kona Clover green to go with this. Not quite sure how it's going to turn out but I LOVE this Santa print. That is what Santa has always looked like to me.

I made a couple of Civil War bow-ties.

and finished the night with some chocolate and a mystery!

I went to bed around 1130pm and was woke up at 3am by 3 boys laughing! A nap is sounding very good right now!


Mom Walds Place said...

Hooow are you doing this with monkeys running around? We homeschool, and even after all of these years I could not have accomplished all of that in one night.

Kristie said...

You are one brave lady....3 boys! Wow!

Loving your new quilt! Those are the Santa's that I grew up with! Love that fabric!

Oh BTW...I made your Sticky Chicken tonight!! We all loved it! I sent my sister some and she called back and wanted the recipe then about 20 minutes later my mom called and asked for the recipe! Mom is out on the boat working right now but Chantal told her how good that it was and mom wanted to try it! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

That Santa print is really cute. And the star blocks you made with go perfectly with it.

I had to smile when I saw the Agatha Christie book. I've read that one several times. Actually, I've read all her books several times. Good to "meet" another mystery book lover.

Anonymous said...

Love the Santa print and the bowties.

My youngest grandson just turned 12 and I definitely wouldn't try to sew with him and two buddies around.

Maria said...

What a productive night for you! I'm visiting from Heidi's blog and when i saw your banner, i knew I had to read on ...and on! lol Your cat is so beautiful!!!