Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Staying Busy

We all made it through Cade's first day of Middle School. He said that it was fun. He fell asleep moments after getting home! He just crashed! We had to wake him up for supper:)

He was not quite so excitied to get up for school this morning;)

Yesterday, I got a great comment from Judi

She said in her comment that I should bake an after-school treat for Cade. To take my mind off of worrying. I took her advice and Kelsey and I made sugar cookies for him. They were good and I enjoyed the time spent with my girl.

Speaking of my girl, I finished up her label and got it sewn onto her quilt. Now the quilt is packed up ready to go to college on Friday. She designed the label. She wanted the little squirrel because that is her sorority mascot.

Now, I need to hem up Cade's new karate uniform and maybe a little fun sewing later!


Anonymous said...

The plate of cookies and milk look like the perfect ending to a not-so-bad school day...for Mom and son.

I like the idea of the squirrel on the quilt label.

Kristie said...

I hope you both are adjusting better. It is hard on us too when they go back to school. I find it hard to get in a routine for myself because I keep thinking about the boys.

Love that label. I'm so bad about not putting them on there. I really need to make sure I do that.