Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nothing New

No new sewing around here. I guess I can blame Ruby because she keeps going to sleep in my sewing chair. She looks too sweet to wake up. Actually, everytime that I tried to move her, she bit at me and hissed:(

Remember when I showed this apron? I made 2 aprons for the quilt shop that I worked at. I made them to display with this great book that we were selling.

Here is the second apron! I had so much fun making this apron. There was the sweetest lady that worked at the shop. Her name is Corrine, she was in her early 70's and was a quilting superstar!! She taught the beginning quilt classes (still does at another shop) and was just the best teacher! We loved to kid with her and tell her that she had to dress up in costumes for events. She is a very tiny thing! Anyway, she wore this apron around the shop. We told her to wear some ruffled panties under it but she didnt..she wore her little jeans. The trim didnt show up good in this picture. It is that "leather" fringe that you see on cowboy and indian things.

I am SO ready for Fall! It is still SO hot here in Georgia. We are in the upper 90's with heat advisorys almost everyday. I was downtown and saw that Bath and Body had their Fall/Halloween soaps in so I bought some of our favorite Fall soap. It is Carmel Apple and it smells just like Fall baking to me!

Come on Fall!


big B said...

That apron is so cute - I love the fringe :) Ruby looks too sweet to bite/hiss! She probably isn't enjoying the hot weather either! Stay cool!

giddy99 said...

LOVE that cowgirl apron, especially!!! brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I love aprons, although the ones on the cover of the book look more my style. Also will have to look for the Caramel Apple soap.

Judi said...

Hi Libby *hugs*
It sounds like your quilting classes with that new teacher were a lot of fun! She sounds like a neat teacher.
I love the apron...all the aprons look so pretty and fun!
Oh I'll take your hot weather this way. I am NOT ready for fall.
have a great day