Monday, August 15, 2011


What do you do when the fuel pump dies in your car and your car is hauled off to the shop and your husband takes his truck to the Fire Dept. for 24 hours and your daughter takes her car to college??? You sew!

Cade loved the sleeping bag that I made for Tank. I was surprised because he is 11 years old and doesnt play with toys anymore. He suggested that I make one for Peef. Peef is Santa's Christmas Bear. Cade read the story of Peef at school and was so happy when Santa brought him his own Peef Bear. Now that Cade is older, Peef spends all day in the rocking chair with Tank.

Since Peef is a Christmas Bear, I made him a Santa Sleeping bag.

Peef and Cade like this bag alot!

Peef is a large bag so he got the large size sleeping bag and it is a perfect fit! I LOVE this pattern!

Happy Monday!


big B said...

Tank and Peef look very cosy! These sleeping bags you are making are SO cute! I love the fabric combinations on both of them.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, we took the two grandchildren (8 and 12) to the Zoo and I let them pick out a stuffed toy as a back-to-school gift. Yes, even the 12-year-old boy enjoys getting a stuffed toy. Now, I think I'm going to have to make some sleeping bags for them.