Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I finished my pinwheel blocks. Now I am going to enjoy this beautiful weather and my family!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Catching Up

We are still on "Winter Break" It seems more like Spring Break. We have had beautiful weather, highs in the 70's. We did have a "spring like" rain come through this morning. Sunny skies now though. We have our Spring Break in will probably snow! lol
Jill's PIG question for this week is " What was your last finish? and. What UFO are you working on right now?" Hmmmm...well, I havent done a single thing on my PIG/UFO list! I started a baby quilt for my niece-in-law. This will be the first "great grand baby" on the Dillard side. They are having a sweet girl in July. I am using Bliss (LOVE) and Jodi's Pinwheel pattern from Moda Bake Shop. I have made this quilt before, it is a great pattern and perfect for a baby gift!

Andy and his brother took Cade and our nephew on a Guy's Only Day. I was happy to be left at home! They went to Dahlonega Ga, and panned for gold. Here they are at a still!

and Cade panning for gold. Why is it so hard for a 10 year old boy to smile at a camera??? or atleast try to look like you are having fun?? They all had fun and Andy said they laughed and laughed at the boys! Cade told me that they told alot of jokes but he couldnt tell them to me. Hope he doesnt repeat them at school!

I hope that everyone is having a great week. I dread school starting back:( On a good note, though, I am going to go to a new bible study at our church. It starts on tuesday morning. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. Tuesdays are my days at the library..I will have to swap..Please pray that I am strong enough to tell the school "no" and go to the bible study. If I want to keep "Balance" in my life I have to learn to say "no" to the school. Now, that Sherry is back, I should be able to do this!

Monday, February 21, 2011


o.k. it's not perfect by any means and I doubt that Denyse Schmidt is losing any sleep over me taking over the crown of Single Girl Quilt Queen but I did it!!! I made a Single Girl block!! You should's fun and not THAT hard!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

FNSI Results

I enjoyed my FNSI! Cade ended up going to my sister's for a shorter visit that Andy and I both agreed on. My sister was very happy! Andy was at the Fire Dept. so it was just me and the cat! It was so nice to have some time to myself to work on something totally "just because" Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for helping us spend some time for ourselves!

This is what I decided to work on: I have made Kelsey a quilt for each of her college years. I plan on making one for her each year. She will leave college with 4 bed sized quilts. I have always wanted to make her a "Single Girl" quilt by Denyse Schmidt. I bought the pattern years ago but was to scared to try it. There are 31 pieces just in the circles, not counting background. If you want to have a twin size (and I do) that would mean 12 rings. 12 rings time 31 pieces =372 little pieces! AND it has curved piecing!

I happened to be wasting time on Flickr and came upon a Single Girl Support Group that was just starting up! I read that the cutting and tracing the templates was the hardest part. Well, I love that kinda work so I jumped in! I'm no fool though, I am making a test block before I get all excitied that I (Kelsey) will be the owner of a Single Girl Quilt!

I enjoyed making the templates. I got one Ring Quarter done. I am using all scraps on this block.

Here are my template pieces and fabric all organized and clipped together in case of a cat fit! I got great advice from the Support Group. Organization is very important!

Today I have Saturday Sewing at the church so I plan on getting some more work done on this block. I hope this takes my mind off of missing my sweet boy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Need a FNSI

Woo Hoo! Tonight is Friday Night Sew In. Have you signed up? There is still time, go on over to Bobbi's blog and sign up!

This probably won't be my most productive FNSI but I think it is my most "need that" FNSI! I have had one of "those" weeks. It hasn't been all bad. I had a birthday so I did some shopping and had a great supper with my guys! After that, it went down hill! It seems the library is having a hard time letting go of it's free help. The Libriarian is back so I am ready to be back to a once a week schedule and I am having a hard time saying "no" for everytime I am needed there. I am glad to help out but I have so many things that I want/need to do at home.

Then my sister got mad because I won't let Cade go to Alabama and spend some time with her and her family. It was going to be for 4 nights and Andy just wasnt comfortable with that. I'm sorry but I can't go against my husband on something like this. She didnt see it that way:( I do hope that Cade and I can go visit her over Spring Break....if she's talking to me by then!

and Kelsey's car got broke into at college. The dummies did alot of damage to her door before they decided to bust in her window. They didnt get anything..but caught! We had to go get her car and bring it home to have it repaired. Atleast she didnt walk up on it and get hurt!

ok...enough of my pity party! Cade has karate tonight but after that we are going by a fastfood place and I am coming home, putting on my pj's and sewing until atleast 9 pm!

p.s. Do Not for 1 minute think that me showing a new quilt pattern means that I have finshed any of my UFO's...cuz I sure have not!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still Here

FINALLY, finishing up the book fair on Monday. I have to go in and close up the money, do the final report and take brownies for Cade's Valentines party. I hope to get back to sewing and blogging after that! I have sure missed both!

I did finish my February Ninja Block of the Month. I tried to use Valentine colors and I think it is very sweet. Thanks Kandra!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! I got some beautiful pink tulips and candy on Friday! We grilled out and watched True Grit (the old one) it was a nice relaxing night after the crazy week that I had!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the Pigs

Jill's question for this week is "What makes you put a project to the side and start something else?" Hmmmmm! Good question Jill! I really had to think about this one! But, I didnt have to look far for an example.
Take a look at this picture please. It looks innocent enough. You can clearly see a Ninja BOM project in a hoop. Also, you can see an almost finished handquilted Halloween quilt. Harmless? HA! You can also see that the embroidery is being stitched and the Halloween quilt has been shoved to the back of the table and the cat has been sleeping on it!!

I had to go back and think as to why I decided to start another stitchery instead of working on my quilt that I really want finished. They are both handwork that I love to do. I can stitch both up while relaxing and watching tv. I only have a a little while to sew today so I can't finish either project.

I have come to the conclusion that I pushed this PIG to the side because I wanted to work on something new!! That's it...I just wanted a new project! I am really stressed right now. I won't get to my sewing room after today for over a week and I just wanted something new and fresh. I'm sure there are so many of us that love a project that we are working on but will push it aside to do something this a few times and the projects start to add up!!

So, I'm just going to spend the rest of the afternoon sewing my little Ninja and not feel too bad cause I know my Halloween quilt willl be there waiting for me!