Monday, October 24, 2011

Missing the Weekend

I have been sick since Wednesday!! I never ran a fever but I feel like I have the flu or an ear infection. I have been doing just a little bit of housework in the morning then back to the couch. I did manage to cook chicken tacos for supper last night. By the time I had cooked and cleaned up, I was so done!! Today I fixed this early while I had energy and will just need to put it in the oven. I had planned to take Cade to karate but I dont know if that will happen.

and I missed my baby niece's 1st birthday party:( I was so sad. This is Andy's baby brother's baby. Him and his wife tried for many years to get pregnant, so she is a blessing to us all! I did manage to make the cute Elmo bag that is on the gift table. Sydney loves Elmo! Andy said that she loved the bag and kept pointing to it.

Here is the birthday girl Sydney.

I havent done any sewing. I really really want to get done with these applique blocks and get this quilt done. I would also like to work on these bow ties. I must be getting better if I'm itching to sew!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You may not be able to tell from this picture but down here in Georgia, we are having a cold wet raw day. I don't mind these kind of days. They are wonderful for "sewing days" not such a great day for my firefighter husband to be out in though! The rain cause wrecks so he will probably be busy.Myself, I am fighting a cold so I think I will stay right here and do some applique!

Hope you enjoy your day, whether it's saving lives or just doing some sewing:)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

FNSI, a week early:)

ok. I was a week early with my FNSI. That's ok, Kelsey won't be here next Friday so I am glad that we went ahead and had our craft time together.
We saw these cute wreaths on Pinterest and really wanted to try them. We bought our supplies at Hobby Lobby and got busy! It was a fun and very inexpensive project.

Here is mine. Ignore my reflection in the door:( I really wish I knew how to take better pictures. The felt flowers really turned out pretty.

This is Kelsey's. She did her flowers in her sorority colors and plans on hanging hers on the sorority house door.

I made breakfast for supper and we had a nice night doing this craft together. Cade pretty much ignored us, rode his bike and tracked in mud on my clean floor:(

Today, Andy is home and we are going out to celebrate Kelsey turning 21!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Have you signed up for Fridany Night Sew In? There is still time! Go know you want to!

Kelsey and I won't be sewing. We are going to try these cute wreaths! Have Fun Everyone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Like...

This beautiful scrap quilt on the cover of the Dec/Jan Quilt magazine. I don't buy many quilt magazines anymore (too many free patterns on the internet) but I had to buy this one. I love the style and colors of this quilt. if you are interested you can get a kit for only $120..! or use your own scraps;)

When Anna Maria Horner first showed her new line of needlework fabrics, I knew I wanted some of it! I thought it would never be released...I even dreamed about this fabric! Finally, the minute I got the notice that it was for sale, I hit the "buy now" button! I got 1 yard and I love it! The fabric is beautiful and it is marked for cross-stich or embroidery.

It is 58 wide and has different motifs to cross-stitch. This is just a different part of the same fabric as above. I am planning on making a bolster pillow and would love to use some of this in a quilt. If I could sew a skirt it would lovely in a patchwork skirt...or a bag!

Anna Maria also came out with a line of embroidery floss and thread. I had to save up and wait for a good coupon to buy these;) The floss is very pretty and will be so nice with the needlework fabric.

Other things that I like, CADE! He is doing so good in school this year!! He is very smart so he always has good grades but this year he is TRYING to make good grades and TRYING to stay out of trouble! That makes a big difference. He had school pictures last week and I tried to take a picture for Andy because he had been at work for 2 days. This was the best shot. He was being silly!

We have been out of school Monday and Tuesday (today) for Columbus Day and a teachers work day. It is rainy and cool...perfect Fall weather..if you want to stay in and sew. Not so much if you want to ride your bicycle.

My oldest son Joey is on his way to a job interview. Prayer is needed! That boy is something else. Friday night before midnight, I got a call that he was being rushed to the hospital with a broken arm. how did he break it??? Dancing!? I didnt even know the boy dances. He is fine but I sure would like to see a video of how you break your arm dancing.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Cade had a friend come home with him from school Friday. The kid spent the night and they stayed up til 3am. I went to bed at 930. Andy told me Saturday morning that they boys were up that late.

Saturday after watching some football, Go Dawgs!, I took Cade and his friend to a Birthday Sleep Over. We picked Cade up Sunday afternoon and the Mom said that the boys were up til 5:30am!!
So here is how Cade spent the rest of his Sunday!

Have you seen this??!! Amanda Jean has written a book! I can't wait!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Ole Quilt

Since I am still working on these , I decided to show you one of my favorite quilts. I think one of the reasons why I fell in love with quilting is because with every quilt that you make, you learn something! This is one of the first quilts that I made. I never made a label for it:( I didnt know much about an accurate 1/4 inch seam while making this quilt. I was done before I realized just how important that accurate seam allowance is!
I made the "Good Ole Summertime" quilt from this book. The quilt in the book is beautiful and I tried to make mine like that one.

The quilt blocks are a huge 19'. The quilt finishes at 57x76. I am sure this quilt was designed to be used with scrap strips. and it would be a good stashbuster quilt. Remember, I had just started quilting so I had to go out and buy around 30 different quarter yards! I was scared to death about my fabric choices! But, I think I did ok! I love this quilt soooo much. I really regret not making it big enough for my bed. I would love to make this pattern again one day.

It has alot of 30's fabrics in it. They were my favorite then and I still love them today.

It is all handquilted in the ditch...right into that seam allowance! Ouch! I would do that differently! The binding is totally scrappy..which I love!

Thanks for letting me show you this quilt. It hangs on a vintage ladder in my living room right now. One day I hope to have a room fixed up for my grandchildren to come visit and this quilt will be in it for sure!