Monday, October 24, 2011

Missing the Weekend

I have been sick since Wednesday!! I never ran a fever but I feel like I have the flu or an ear infection. I have been doing just a little bit of housework in the morning then back to the couch. I did manage to cook chicken tacos for supper last night. By the time I had cooked and cleaned up, I was so done!! Today I fixed this early while I had energy and will just need to put it in the oven. I had planned to take Cade to karate but I dont know if that will happen.

and I missed my baby niece's 1st birthday party:( I was so sad. This is Andy's baby brother's baby. Him and his wife tried for many years to get pregnant, so she is a blessing to us all! I did manage to make the cute Elmo bag that is on the gift table. Sydney loves Elmo! Andy said that she loved the bag and kept pointing to it.

Here is the birthday girl Sydney.

I havent done any sewing. I really really want to get done with these applique blocks and get this quilt done. I would also like to work on these bow ties. I must be getting better if I'm itching to sew!


Regina said...

Oh no -sick is no fun!!! She's a cutie - sorry you missed the party!!! Hope the germies go away and you are back in the pink soon!

Judi said...

Hi Libby
I'm sorry you are feeling sick! I hope you get all better soon and it sounds like you must be because you do have new crafts on your mind.

Sydney is adorable...too bad you had to miss her party this year.

Get better soon..

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you have been sick - I hope you're starting to improve by now.

The Baked Spaghetti looks so good - your family is lucky that you can fix them something like that when you're not feeling well.

Sydney is just darling.

Kristie said...

She is so cute! I hope you are feeling better, being sick is not fun at all!