Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here is the other baby quilt that I have made using that same pattern. I have shown 3, there should be 1 more. I will look for it. I made this one for the same lady that I just made the purple quilt for. She took this one to an embroidery shop and had the babies monogram put on it. It turned out very sweet.

I don't have to go to the library today. I have a drs. appt. later. I plan on picking up a little and going for a walk. It snowed here Monday, Tuesday it was 70 and beautiful! My 3 favorite guys and I all went for a walk. Maybe I will get some sewing in too! I am embroidering a squirrel on a pillowcase for Kelsey. Squirrel is her sorority mascot!

Cade gets his braces tomorrow and we are celebrating by going to the movies to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"

Have a great day!


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Once again, I LOVED my Friday Night Sew In! Thank you so much Heidi and Bobbi for hosting!

I did not cook, I had a Doctors appt. so I picked up some take out on the way home! The boys were thrilled with that and my hubby was at the Fire Dept.

I got this little baby quilt all bound, washed and dried! Ready to take to church tomorrow!

It's from an Alex Anderson Baby Quilt book. I tried to show the hand-quilting.

After I was done with that, I started working on an embroidered pillowcase for my daughter. Her sorority mascot is a squirrel so I'm doing one for her to give her "sister"

It was a lovely evening here and today the temp. is 73 with a nice breeze! We are planning on grilling out for supper! We better enjoy because we are getting storms and cold weather tomorrow!

Can't wait for the next sew in!


Friday, March 19, 2010

TGIF's that time again! Heidi from Handmade by Heidi, is hosting Friday Night Sew In! I don't know what Im going to work on but I know that I'm not cooking this time!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Every time that I piece a quilt, I always, always, always go ahead and make the binding. please tell me why I was so happy to finish quilting this baby quilt, only to find out that I had NOT made the binding ahead of time??!! So, instead of spending the evening sewing on the binding, I am making the binding! Oh has to be done.

I finished the quilting on this quilt because I have had some free time at home. Monday morning, Cade woke up with a fever. Trip to the Doctor and he has strep throat. No school for him Monday or Tuesday. I will admit that I have enjoyed having that boy home with me! I feel so bad that he was so sick! He is much better today and will be back at school on Wednesday. I am staying clear of the Library, and Sherry, until I am sure that I'm not going to come down with strep.

I hope to have pictures of a finished baby quilt really soon!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sewing Circle

I finally got a little sewing done! The ladies in our church have been talking for over a year about starting a "craft" group. The have been trying to find a date, what to call it, etc. We wanted to have an event that any women of the church could come to and work on any kind of "craft" They struggled with the word "craft" They finally placed an ad in the church paper saying "Gather at the church to fellowship, eat and work on your portable craft. this could be sewing, quilting,knitting, crocheting, mending, scrapbooking, painting, tatting, embroidery, paper arts, jewelry making, etc. They sure tried to get everything in there!! Well, we had our first "Gathering" on Saturday. I really did not want to go because Kelsey was leaving for school, and I knew that I would run my mouth instead of getting that darn baby quilt done! I have been so tired from the library, I have not sewn anything for awhile! I really wanted to have a Saturday to myself to relax, clean up my sewing room and get some quilting done! But, then I thought back to how alot of these women have been so supportive of my quilting. They always make a big deal out of my quilts!! And, I have been wanting this group to get started! So, I got all my sewing and my little hoop up and went. I had a blast! There was a large group of women there! I had never met some of them (it is a big church) We had ladies quilting, knitting, crocheting, tatting, doing paper arts, one lady set up her paintings, and one lady cut out 3 or 4 garments to sew up later on. We did talk alot and ate lot but I got alot done on my baby quilt! I can finish it this week! It was wonderful being with the ladies and talking to them about all our "arts" I was the youngest lady there (we are working on that) so it was so nice to listen to these older women talk about how they learned to sew, knit, etc. Quite a few were shocked to see that I could hand quilt! I am so glad that I went! We have already set the date for the next "Gathering"

I am back to the library this week. Sherry worked some last week with her little chemo bag at her side. She is also having radiation. She will have the mass removed in about 6 weeks. She is so upbeat and such a happy, smiling girl! Thanks so much for your prayers! Some ding-a-ling picked our school as the venue to have a county retirement celebration event. In the library... guess who gets to set up for it?? Sherry! I am going in to help clean and set up for the event!

Have a wonderful Monday! BTW...I didnt take pictures at "The Gathering" but I will at the next one!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still Here!

I'm still here and kicking! I did not mean to take a blog break. Again, I must say that my hat is off to working Moms (you know what I mean, outside the home) Working at the school is kicking my hiney! I am doing all I can to keep up with my housework, Cade and meals! I think that I did a little embroidery one night but other than that NO sewing at all!! Not a good balance for me!

The good news is that Sherry got her port in for her chemo and is feeling good! I am so happy to help her out! She is the sweetest, positive person! She plans on coming in to the library this week. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Also good news, my sweet daughter is home for Spring Break! With her mountain of laundry! Yikes! I am going to spend some time with her. Shopping and pedicures and lunch!! Just what I need. I love that girl!

I am planning to do some sewing this week. I hope to post soon with some pictures and I really need to catch up on my blog reading! I miss all of ya'll!

I am adding a picture of me and Kelsey at her graduation party from last year. I can't believe that it's been a year!! She wants to add that she does not like that picture, she didnt wear that shirt during the party and she has lost weight!!