Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I figured out how to put pics on this computer!! Here are the fat quarters that I bought at Joann's. They have a really nice feel to them and they are pretty!

Cade decided to carve the pumpkin this year. Andy is helping him.

This being Cade's first time carving, he didnt go for anything too complicated!

and because I'm a great Mom...I forgot to take pictures of my son in his Halloween costume:(

He went as Aries the Greek God of War.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Libby's No Picture Blog!

I was hoping for a lazy Saturday at home!! I just don't feel like I have had a day home to myself in a long time! Andy was off from work today and of course Cade was home from school. They had talked about going out just the 2 of them so I thought "YAHOO!" That didnt happen!

They decided to go to a mall about 30 min. from home. Well, there is nothing at the mall that I want to shop for and I did not want to go at all but Andy said "We can drop you off at Joanns" so I decided to go. I had a coupon that was running out. I had never been to this Joann's. The Joann's that I go to is in an upscale part of town (not near my house at all) Lot's of nice shops around it. It is a very nice big Joann's. They have lots of modern fabric and a modern price too! The Joanns that I went to today was not new and the only store near it was Long John Silvers. They had SO much fabric!! Not much modern stuff but so many blenders and florals! I would have loved to look around for some fabric for my stash but it was packed!!!! I'm talking the line for the cutting table had about 12 people waiting in line! I ended up getting a "civil war" fat quarter set and a Quiltmaker magazine.

At the mall, to continue my Civil War theme, I bought this book. The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks.

I have no idea if it is good or not but I will let you know. Being a good southern girl, I know Gone With The Wind by heart and Cade is named after one of the characters from the novel.

I think I will go lay down and try and read some now. I have a headache that is freaking me out because Friday morning when I was working in the library (by myself and not getting paid) one of the really young kids came in and started crying, he was holding his little finger so I thought he had hurt himself so I got on my knees (like a good former preschool teacher) and was comforting him. He was still crying and kinda hugged me then he PUKED all over my chest and back!!!! the other students were grossed out and running wild!! To top of this awesomeness, while I was getting him to the trashcan I could smell that it was coming from both ends!!! Finally, one girl ran to the office and got help. I got a new school tshirt and cleaned up!! Then I helped lysol the Media Center!! I stayed the rest of the day and I hope the principal remembers that the next time Cade is bad!!! Turns out there is a bad stomach virus going around (DUH) I'm hoping my headache is just a headache!! But I am paraniod now!!

Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Kinda Back

No good news on our computer. It sounds like everything will have to be built back up. We didnt get it shut down soon enough I guess. I still want to choke Cade but not as bad as before!;) So, I will be making do with this loaner for now. We don't have our printer or pictures hooked up so I will have to blog without pictures which I dislike!! We just got email back today which is why I havent commented back to ya'll. I have read your sweet comments and I appreciate them so much! I hope it won't be long til I am back to "normal"

I have spent most of my time at the Media Center. The librarian that is having chemo is having a bad time this round so she is taking more time off. I really enjoy the kids but I miss being at home! I don't think that I have been home for a full day since the Book Fair.

I am still quilting on my Halloween Quilt. I'm just doing straight lines so it's going fast (when I'm able to work on it) I was chatting with Kristie(CowGirl Quilter) about Bonnie's ( Quiltville)mystery quilt from last year. I was like "I got a bunch of my blocks done, then put it away" So, I decided to drag that out and quickly discovered that I had lied to Kristie!! I was on Step 3 and still had stuff that needed to be cut out!!! We had Sewing Saturday at our church so I carted that mess with me and got it all cut out!!

Our local quilt shop (the one I used to work at) has decided to shut down. The owner put in a longarm a couple of years ago and now that's all she wants to do. I went down to the shop to use my $20 gift card. She hasnt put anything on clearance yet but I went ahead and bought some Civil War prints.

Oh yeah! Cade and I went with my Mother in Law to Rome Ga (2 hrs from here) Andy's baby Brother and his wife had their baby girl last Friday! It was a scheduled C-section so we rode up and stayed in a Hotel to be there for the birth! They have tried for almost 10 years for this baby!! She is so sweet, we all got to hold her. My MIL and I made a hand embroidered quilt for her. I showed pics of it this summer. Andy didnt get to go to the hospital because he was in Las Vegas!!! He went to a school in the desert! Something about bombs and Homeland Security.

Thank You so much for sticking with me!! I am trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. I really enjoy reading about ya'lls days!

Monday, October 25, 2010

sniff sniff cry cry

just a fast check-in. On my neighbors computer.
ours is still in the shop.
I miss you all so much!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not My Computer!

yep, one of those "you have a virus click here" came up and Cade did:(

now we do have a virus that our software didnt catch:(

I am on Kelsey's laptop that goes back to college today:(

hope to be back soon:)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Tonight is Friday Night Sew In. Heidi at Handmade by Heidi is hosting. I plan on joining in the fun but may be a little late. My sweet girl is home from college so I am making her favorite meal: Breakfast for supper! After supper I will probably do a little hand quilting on this quilt.
Ruby may keep me company!

and I promise no more pictures of this quilt until it's done!! I'm getting tired of looking at it!

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quilt Retreat Update

I got my quilt basted....with minimal crying.

Retreat Update

Next retreat I will pick a better sewing "buddy" this girl doesnt want to sew with me or fold that pile of laundry!! She was interested in my hot chocolate though!

Retreat Update

I am happy to be back at the 2nd Annual Yellow House Online Quilting Retreat! After a quick (HA) meeting at the school, I have my backing fabric all ready to become the back of my Halloween Quilt. I decided on this black/grey dot. I think it will look pretty sweet with this fabric!

This stripe will be the binding.

and because I'm AWESOME.....this is supper!

Have Fun Sewing!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Retreat Update

Well, I had a few distractions:

But, I got my quilt all pieced and put together! Sorry for the bad picture! This quilt pattern is called "Picture This" from the book "Happy Hour" by Atkinson Designs. The quilt is 72 1/2 x 87
I will try and shop for backing tomorrow. I am thinking about a white with black polka dots. I am using one of the stripes for binding. My hope is to baste it on thursday and start quilting Friday. We shall see!

This evening of my quilt retreat will be spent checking out flickr for a pattern for the October Stitch Along . I also plan on enjoying this book. I have read the first two in this series and really liked them!

I have enjoyed the first day of my retreat. It has been so much fun checking out blogs that are new to me! So much talent! Library in the morning but I hope to be checking in! But as for today, we are pooped!

Thanks Susan for hosting!

Retreat Update

Healthy snacks served here at the retreat!

Retreat Update

Don't forget I am on a sewing retreat! Hosted by Susan at Blackberry Creek Home arts! You should check out her blog to meet my fellow "retreaters"
Because I hear there has to be an over achiever in every group, I got all my fabric for my Halloween quilt cut on Sunday. I worked on my blocks on Monday. I have to be at the school on Tuesday so I will miss one day of the retreat.

This morning, Day 1 of the retreat, I have been playing with my blocks on my design wall. I will be moving to the livingroom floor as soon as I clean up the mess from my son's sleepover. Some people don't understand what a "sewing retreat" means!

My fellow quilt helper has layed down on the job. Ruby has decided to leave the sewing room for the sunny foyer! Lazy fat cat!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sew In

I spent a little time this weekend cutting fabric for the Stay Home Retreat that Susan is hosting.
This fabric is by Riley Blake, Boo To You! I love the sweet characters on it. Cade is a Halloween Freak so I think this quilt will be a favorite at our house. Of course, I am totally ignoring the fact that I have a perfectly fine Halloween top that I made as a store sample for the quilt shop. I pieced it to show a pattern and a fabric line that was selling in the shop. I got to keep the top but never quilted it. Oh well! I hope to get the blocks all made up for this quilt on Tuesday. I have library on Wednesday, but will be back sewing on thursday!
Today (our schools are closed today and tomorrow!!) Cade and I will be running errands and tidying up the house!
Everyone have a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Times

I thought that I would share a few good things that I am happy about right now.

1. Our Fall Book Fair is over!! We are all worn out! Our Media Specialist, Sherry (who is going through chemo and radiation for colon cancer) is doing great!! Her tumor was removed during the summer. She worked everyday of the Book Fair. She was super happy when we did a tentative count of the money..we sold about 17,000 dollars in books!! The school library will get a nice percentage of that for new books and media supplies!

2. I'm excitied that I have signed up for a "stay at home" quilt retreat. Susan at Blackberry Creek is hosting. It starts Oct. 12 thru the 14. I have a bit of a break from the library so I hope to spend some time sewing. You should check out her sweet blog and sign up!

3. Kristie is back!!! Kristie's blog Cowgirl Quilter, was one of the first blogs that I started reading. I fell in love with her beautiful scrappy quilts, her mountain life and her sweet attitude! She also helped me get my blog started. I wanted to start a blog to be able to show her my quilts! Kristie had a nasty fall awhile back (ouch!!) but she has started her blogging again! I am SO happy that she is on the mend!

This weekend I plan on putting my house back in order (kinda) so that I will be ready to lock myself in my sewing room this week! Have you seen big B's newest pattern set?? It's full of Snowmen and snow "stuff" I bought it and LOVE it!! I really want to make some plans for a little Snowman stitchery!
Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We are having a beautiful Fall weekend here in Georgia! Cool at night and in the morning and warm during the day!! Perfect! We are having Potato Soup for supper! The leaves are just starting to turn. Kinda yellow first then those beautiful reds and oranges!

Saturday we all drove to Kelsey's college to celebrate her birthday. We got to see how she has fixed up her apartment and spend some time with her! Which means we took her shopping!!! Daddy got to buy a couple of formal dresses for his baby girl!! We had a nice lunch with her. Then we had to rush home to drop Cade off at a party. We watched UGA lose again and went to bed with our Bulldog tails between our legs!

Our Book Fair starts back Monday so I will be busy busy this week! I joined another stitch along on Flickr, I won't get any stitching done this week but I know it will be on my mind!! This cooler weather really makes me want to sew!!

Thanks for all your help with my meal ideas from my last post! I feel so much better about taking something now, I might sign up for an extra day!

Have a wonderful Fall week!