Saturday, October 30, 2010

Libby's No Picture Blog!

I was hoping for a lazy Saturday at home!! I just don't feel like I have had a day home to myself in a long time! Andy was off from work today and of course Cade was home from school. They had talked about going out just the 2 of them so I thought "YAHOO!" That didnt happen!

They decided to go to a mall about 30 min. from home. Well, there is nothing at the mall that I want to shop for and I did not want to go at all but Andy said "We can drop you off at Joanns" so I decided to go. I had a coupon that was running out. I had never been to this Joann's. The Joann's that I go to is in an upscale part of town (not near my house at all) Lot's of nice shops around it. It is a very nice big Joann's. They have lots of modern fabric and a modern price too! The Joanns that I went to today was not new and the only store near it was Long John Silvers. They had SO much fabric!! Not much modern stuff but so many blenders and florals! I would have loved to look around for some fabric for my stash but it was packed!!!! I'm talking the line for the cutting table had about 12 people waiting in line! I ended up getting a "civil war" fat quarter set and a Quiltmaker magazine.

At the mall, to continue my Civil War theme, I bought this book. The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks.

I have no idea if it is good or not but I will let you know. Being a good southern girl, I know Gone With The Wind by heart and Cade is named after one of the characters from the novel.

I think I will go lay down and try and read some now. I have a headache that is freaking me out because Friday morning when I was working in the library (by myself and not getting paid) one of the really young kids came in and started crying, he was holding his little finger so I thought he had hurt himself so I got on my knees (like a good former preschool teacher) and was comforting him. He was still crying and kinda hugged me then he PUKED all over my chest and back!!!! the other students were grossed out and running wild!! To top of this awesomeness, while I was getting him to the trashcan I could smell that it was coming from both ends!!! Finally, one girl ran to the office and got help. I got a new school tshirt and cleaned up!! Then I helped lysol the Media Center!! I stayed the rest of the day and I hope the principal remembers that the next time Cade is bad!!! Turns out there is a bad stomach virus going around (DUH) I'm hoping my headache is just a headache!! But I am paraniod now!!

Happy Halloween!



Kristie said...

Eeeewwww! Puke! You poor thing, that certainly makes for a long day!

Oh I can't wait to see your Civil War Fat quarters! The Civil War fabrics are my very favorite! And of course, Gone With The Wind is my all time favorite movie!!!!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Ew!!! Just another reason why this gal does not have kids! :)

I hope that it doesn't turn into anything.

And a big YAHOO for finding a great Joann's!! Even the ones up here that are all within 30 minutes of my house have very different things. :)

Bren said...

*gag* I use to work in the school nurse's office and dealt with puke all the shoes were the only thing ever hit though! Poor baby....