Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Any plans for tonight? I plan on spending the New Year's Eve at home! I do not like to go out on this night. Staying home is my idea of fun!
Just like Christmas Eve, everyone else is working. Cade is going next door so it will just be me at home tonight. I have been cooking a little for our New Year's lunch at my Grandmother's. Kelsey and I made these candy-pretzel thingys. Very quick and very easy. and very easy to overeat! I found the recipe on Pinterest.

I got a Kindle after Christmas. So far I am LOVING it! I still have alot to learn with it. I have a book loaded in it so I will probably spend some of my time reading. Anyone know of any really good books?
I am down to my last few blocks for my applique quilt. Amanda Jean finished hers and it is BEAUTIFUL!! I only hope that mine turns out half as good as hers! You can see hers at

and this is who I will being spending my night with! Ruby! Happy New Year Friends! Hope your night and day are filled with family, friends, good food..and some sewing!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Playing Around

Tuesday, I had to go to the Santa Studio for 2 after Christmas appts. After a quick run to the grocery store, I got my little bow tie blocks out and played around with them. I think they are very cute! I am in no hurry with these, I enjoy sewing them. I have a bunch already cut out from my Civil War stash so they are quick easy mindless sewing!! Perfect for when I just want to sew. I plan on just sewing a few of these at a time, in between other projects. Maybe by next Fall I will have enough to make that lap quilt that I want!

Here are a few pictures from our Pizza and Krispy Kreme trip.
Andy, Kelsey and Cade. My oldest son Joey finally got a job and has moved in with 2 other guys. I don't know how long that will work. Joey is working as a dispatcher and had to work the holidays. We did see him on Christmas night though.
Kelsey and Cade. Cade loves watching the doughnuts being made but did NOT want me to take his picture. Also, no pics of me scarfing down 2 hot doughnuts!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Remember Me?

Whew! I doubt anyone is still reading (or waiting) on my blog posts but here I am! Time has just gone by soooo fast and I feel like I'm barely hanging on. In October, I was approached with a job offer to take appointments (from home) for a Santa's Workshop and Photo Studio. Well, it turned out to be waaaaayy more involved then I was led to believe. Long story short, I have been very busy, very stressed and away from my home and family the past 2 months. I did meet some great families, make some money and I got to see the magic of Christmas through childrens eyes everyday. I enjoyed most of it and hated alot of it!
Anywho...Santa's busy season is over so today I made myself just go in my sad, lonely and cold sewing room and just sew..something..anything. I havent sewn in so long! I have been reading blogs and seeing the cute things people are working on. I have had major sewing and fabric envy! Today I just worked on some of these little cheddar bow tie blocks. I am using Bonnie Hunters tutorial for these. Have you been watching Bonnie's Orca Bay Mystery that is going on? I have and have printed out the clues. Looks like a fun quilt. I hope to put these bow ties together for a nice lap quilt for my living room....someday:)
My sweet Kelsey has been home from college and has been so helpful to me. When she wasnt working at Old Navy, she has been home to watch Cade, take him to karate, she did alot of my Christmas shopping and baked some of our favorite holiday treats and did more than her share of housework. I am so thankful for that girl! She also crocheted this blanket for her Dad.
Thanks for still reading my blog! We are headed up for a night of pizza and Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I will be back!