Sunday, October 3, 2010


We are having a beautiful Fall weekend here in Georgia! Cool at night and in the morning and warm during the day!! Perfect! We are having Potato Soup for supper! The leaves are just starting to turn. Kinda yellow first then those beautiful reds and oranges!

Saturday we all drove to Kelsey's college to celebrate her birthday. We got to see how she has fixed up her apartment and spend some time with her! Which means we took her shopping!!! Daddy got to buy a couple of formal dresses for his baby girl!! We had a nice lunch with her. Then we had to rush home to drop Cade off at a party. We watched UGA lose again and went to bed with our Bulldog tails between our legs!

Our Book Fair starts back Monday so I will be busy busy this week! I joined another stitch along on Flickr, I won't get any stitching done this week but I know it will be on my mind!! This cooler weather really makes me want to sew!!

Thanks for all your help with my meal ideas from my last post! I feel so much better about taking something now, I might sign up for an extra day!

Have a wonderful Fall week!


Kim said...

Libby - sounds like a fun weekend! Our leaves are starting to turn color here too - don't you just love this time of year?!

Bren said...

I am catching up on 2 weeks of blog reading!!
Loved your pillow cases. SO pretty.
Another pretty.....your beautiful daughter. What a blessing!