Friday, October 29, 2010

Kinda Back

No good news on our computer. It sounds like everything will have to be built back up. We didnt get it shut down soon enough I guess. I still want to choke Cade but not as bad as before!;) So, I will be making do with this loaner for now. We don't have our printer or pictures hooked up so I will have to blog without pictures which I dislike!! We just got email back today which is why I havent commented back to ya'll. I have read your sweet comments and I appreciate them so much! I hope it won't be long til I am back to "normal"

I have spent most of my time at the Media Center. The librarian that is having chemo is having a bad time this round so she is taking more time off. I really enjoy the kids but I miss being at home! I don't think that I have been home for a full day since the Book Fair.

I am still quilting on my Halloween Quilt. I'm just doing straight lines so it's going fast (when I'm able to work on it) I was chatting with Kristie(CowGirl Quilter) about Bonnie's ( Quiltville)mystery quilt from last year. I was like "I got a bunch of my blocks done, then put it away" So, I decided to drag that out and quickly discovered that I had lied to Kristie!! I was on Step 3 and still had stuff that needed to be cut out!!! We had Sewing Saturday at our church so I carted that mess with me and got it all cut out!!

Our local quilt shop (the one I used to work at) has decided to shut down. The owner put in a longarm a couple of years ago and now that's all she wants to do. I went down to the shop to use my $20 gift card. She hasnt put anything on clearance yet but I went ahead and bought some Civil War prints.

Oh yeah! Cade and I went with my Mother in Law to Rome Ga (2 hrs from here) Andy's baby Brother and his wife had their baby girl last Friday! It was a scheduled C-section so we rode up and stayed in a Hotel to be there for the birth! They have tried for almost 10 years for this baby!! She is so sweet, we all got to hold her. My MIL and I made a hand embroidered quilt for her. I showed pics of it this summer. Andy didnt get to go to the hospital because he was in Las Vegas!!! He went to a school in the desert! Something about bombs and Homeland Security.

Thank You so much for sticking with me!! I am trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. I really enjoy reading about ya'lls days!


Kristie said...

So nice to read a post from you again! Oh you didn't lie to me!!! Silly girl! I'm not real sure what step that I am on, I don't think I like too much to having it done but I could be wrong. I still need to sew some of the blocks together! I will have to dig it out soon and look.

How great about the new baby! My ex-inlaws were married 11 years before they had a child, now they have 2. I guess that just goes to show that God knows when the time is right!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I'm glad that you are kinda back! And no worries on the pictures. It just means that when your computer is back, you will have lots to show! :)