Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Like...

This beautiful scrap quilt on the cover of the Dec/Jan Quilt magazine. I don't buy many quilt magazines anymore (too many free patterns on the internet) but I had to buy this one. I love the style and colors of this quilt. if you are interested you can get a kit for only $120..! or use your own scraps;)

When Anna Maria Horner first showed her new line of needlework fabrics, I knew I wanted some of it! I thought it would never be released...I even dreamed about this fabric! Finally, the minute I got the notice that it was for sale, I hit the "buy now" button! I got 1 yard and I love it! The fabric is beautiful and it is marked for cross-stich or embroidery.

It is 58 wide and has different motifs to cross-stitch. This is just a different part of the same fabric as above. I am planning on making a bolster pillow and would love to use some of this in a quilt. If I could sew a skirt it would lovely in a patchwork skirt...or a bag!

Anna Maria also came out with a line of embroidery floss and thread. I had to save up and wait for a good coupon to buy these;) The floss is very pretty and will be so nice with the needlework fabric.

Other things that I like, CADE! He is doing so good in school this year!! He is very smart so he always has good grades but this year he is TRYING to make good grades and TRYING to stay out of trouble! That makes a big difference. He had school pictures last week and I tried to take a picture for Andy because he had been at work for 2 days. This was the best shot. He was being silly!

We have been out of school Monday and Tuesday (today) for Columbus Day and a teachers work day. It is rainy and cool...perfect Fall weather..if you want to stay in and sew. Not so much if you want to ride your bicycle.

My oldest son Joey is on his way to a job interview. Prayer is needed! That boy is something else. Friday night before midnight, I got a call that he was being rushed to the hospital with a broken arm. how did he break it??? Dancing!? I didnt even know the boy dances. He is fine but I sure would like to see a video of how you break your arm dancing.


Kristie said...

Oh no! I hate that Joey broke his arm! Kids get hurt doing some of the funniest things. Hope all is well with him.

I WANT THAT MAGAZINE! Someone else posted about it on their blog and I just love that scrap quilt on the cover! I'll have to try to track it down when I go to town in a few days.

Love that new fabric and floss. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the pattern is beautiful and I wish I were good at embroidery so I could use some of that wonderful fabric.

Good for Cade and a speedy recovery to Joey. We have to keep him dancing.

Kim said...

Hi Libby - The quilt pattern is so beautiful! And how exciting to have all that new fabric and floss!!! I can't wait to see your projects!