Sunday, December 19, 2010


Not much going on around here! I have been very busy at the library..and am starting to feel panicked about not being at home. Not having time to sew, not having time to shop, not having time to myself...blah blah blah! Most of you know that I am filling in for my son's schools librarian, who has cancer. I feel so mean and selfish for gripping about helping someone out!! I am glad that I can do it! I am honored that God has chosen to use me this way. and I really do love being with the students but I guess I am just grouchy!! Anyway, at school Friday, I was given several little gifts of appreciation!! and invited to the staff only luncheon! Now, I did not expect anything and they sure dont owe me anything! I was so touched though to be appreciated!

Some fool decided that our school system should go to school Monday and Tuesday of this week! Those kids were nuts on friday, they are going to be really wound up come Tuesday. We will have Polar Express Day. They all come in their pj's, have a class party and watch the movie The Polar Express. I will be in the library taking down all our Christmas themed stuff! Ready for the break.

Kelsey came home Saturday. She had the flu and final exams last week. I sure hope she doesnt bring the flu home to us.

Cade graduated to a new belt in Karate. He is a first degree Brown belt. In less than a year he will be a black belt! Here is a picture of him when the instructor set his push-ups and sit-ups to 100!


Regina said...

Awesome on the karate -not awesome on the flu!

All the kids are wired now - and mine goes to school through Thursday!! Oh my!!!

Michelle said...

I understand the 'no time' thing. I don't do near the decorating (or any) on the holidays anymore. I just don't have the energy after a 10 hour day. I work a full week this week, (four 10 hour days), but won't have to work any overtime for the next two Fridays. Woo hoo! Now, that's a holiday for me!

Congratulations to Cade!
Have a wonderful Christmas week!