Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting Close

We finally met Kelseys "boyfriend" last night. We went to Calloway Gardens Fantasy in Lights.

We had a nice time and Andy behaved! We love going to see the Lights at Calloway. We have been going since Cade was about 2 or 3. We always ride the Jolly Trolly but I must say that there were a few years that we went that I would have liked to have thrown my teens off of it! We were a much better behaved bunch this year. I took pics but they turned out dark and blurry! Which really makes me sad, I wanted ya'll to see how skinny "boyfriend" is!

We are finally out of school! I made cookies today and Kelsey is taking some with her to go meet "boyfriends" family! Wish her luck. I am making some potholders as gifts and wanted to send his mom a set but Kelsey would not let me! She said "No! I dont even know if his Mom cooks!" I told her that even if she's not a cook she could use potholders to take stuff out of the microwave! Sigh! I guess my sister will get 2 sets! I will posts some pics of the finished ones later.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Val said...

Kids are so funny, aren't they? I love it. Well I would love to see your pot holders!!! Merry Christmas!