Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

We had a very nice, peaceful Christmas! Cade was happy...even though he did not believe in Santa this year:( Andy looks stunned and it is a VERY good thing that he doesnt read my blog! Yikes!

AND...We had a White Christmas in Georgia! We get very little snow here anyway but to get snow on Christmas was just a wonderful gift for everyone! Especially for the cousins up from Florida! These are some pictures taken at my Mother-in-laws house.

The snow was so pretty and really made this Christmas special. I really love these days after Christmas and before school starts back. The hustle and bustle is over and I can really relax and enjoy my family!

I may even get some handwork in! I gave my redwork pillowcases to my Mother-in-law for Christmas. I loved them so much but in the back of my mind while making them I kept thinking about how pretty they would look in her bedroom. I also thought about how giving she is and how much she brags about any of my sewing! SHE is a wonderful seamstress so I feel honored to give her my work! She loved the cases and they looked perfect in her bedroom! I don't miss them...I am so glad that I gave them to her! She went on and on about how pretty they were and then she said " I really appreciate the time that you spent making me a gift" That gave me such a good feeling!

Enjoy your time and stay warm!



Regina said...

oh I love that reaction to a hand made gift -it makes such a warm glow that lasts for so long!!! Enjoy your snow!!! :-)

Val said...

There is nothing to me as precious as a hand made gift. The redwork is beautiful.

jillquilts said...

Nice!! now, you have to make yourself another set! :)