Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Good, The Not So Bad and The Ugly

I have had one trying week here! I will start with THE GOOD:
I have been having some heart-to-heart prayer time with God! My weight has gotten so out of hand! It is very hard for me to write this! Anyway, I have a huge desire to get healthy and lose some of this weight! I know how to do it, I have done it many times before! HA! I also want to cut down on our grocery bill. I think that in my mind I'm still buying for a family of 5. Kelsey is away, Joey is hardly ever home for supper, Cade eats very litlle and NEVER wants to eat what I cook and Andy and I both want to cut down and eat better. We waste alot of food which means we are wasting money! I have inspired by Darlene's blog. She is eating better and exercising, last I heard she had lost 18 lbs!!! and I have found a wonderful blog called Leading the Weigh. Heather lost over 80 lbs and has kept it off for 8 years. She did Weight Watchers, exercise and changed her lifestyle!! Her blog is very motivating!!! She tells it like it is! It is a great blog, lot's of healthy eating and exercising tips. I have always been the "girl who lost weight and gained it back"...I want to be the "girl who kept it off"

This week I have been getting out and walking and eating healthier!! I feel great and it's not so bad!

I debated with myself if I should even write this but sometimes writing makes me see things clearer and feel better so here goes! I have posted about my 10 yo Cade riding the bus. My other 2 never got to ride. Andy is big time over protective and didnt like the idea. Cade begged to ride this year. We let him try it in the afternoons. He loves it. He begged to try it in the mornings. HMMM.. That was hard cause the bus picks up elementary through high school. We let him try it, he loves it. Then the problem started. Cade asked me what to do if a kid wanted the seat he was in. I said "let him sit with you or tell the driver" He said "It's a big kid and he wants the seat I sit in" I said "well, you can either get up or stand your ground, you don't have to get up" In fact, I believe my words were "Stand your ground, it's not like this kid is going to put his hands on you!" HA! Now we are finding out the kid started being mean about the seat, slapping Cade on the back of the head and threats. Cade never told anyone and held his ground until Friday. This Junior in High School punk-assed kid tried to yank Cade up by the arm, Cade yanked back, kid almost fell, angered he grabbed Cade with 2 arms and snatched Cade up then he threw my baby across the aisle into the other seats!!!! While my son was on his hands and knees on the floor between the seats this idiot threw Cade's bookbag onto Cades back and head. !!!! A few kids yelled and one middle school girl tried to stop it. NOONE told the bus driver!! Not even Cade!!
Well, all hell broke loose when Andy showed up at Cade's school to eat lunch!!! Cade finally told us everything. We told our school administrators who were furious!!! The high school was contacted and the principle called us after witnesses and the High schooler were talked to. It was also recorded. We were told the kid admitted to the assault and would be punished. We asked "How?" For privacy reasons they won't tell us !! They won't tell us when this kid will be back on the bus!! My husband is livid!! Andy mentioned that the boy was lucky that Cade didnt kick him in the privates... We were told that if Cade had kicked this kid then Cade would be in trouble also!!! EXCUSE ME??? My 10 yo was attacked by a 17 yo and if he had fought back he would be in trouble?? Later that night, after begging my husband not to go to this kids house and beat him senseless...we got a call from one of the witnesses parent...who just happens to be a police officer. He said that from what his son told him we should make a police report. I was unsure about this.. I kept thinking about this kids Mom. In the end we decide to make a report. We are not going to press charges but I really hope that a visit from the police will scare this punk!! I don't know if we will put Cade back on the bus or not. He wants to ride again. I do know one thing...we told Cade that if this boy EVER lays a hand on him for Cade to punch, bite, kick, scratch, scream whatever!!! and if Cade is suspended we will celebrate every day of it!!

Thanks for listening to me! As you can tell my brain and stomach are still churning! Hopefully a good walk will clear my head!


Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing. Sometimes even if we dont' have the right words to say to comfort, just sharing helps. I pray everything gets better for Cade, and you.

As for the weight, you are not alone.
Have a great weekend!

Marie said...

That is terrible! We always tell our kids to walk away from a potential fight or when someone picks on them or teases them, but if someone ever laid a hand on them, then they have every right to defend themselves. What kind of 17 yo kid picks on a 10 yo? Seriously! Keep praying for your son and remember His word says to bless those who curse you. Cade can be a great witness to this kid by being kind to him the next time he sees hard as that may seem. Ugh! As a mom, that makes my blood boil to even read that. Hope you have a great weekend though!

giddy99 said...

That is terrifying, but it sounds like you are handling it the best way possible... :)

Bren said...

I hate the school bus. Before I homeschooled Charlotte, she was a foster child and had to go to public school. She came home with horrid stories of the bus....she 6 years old and was on with 5th graders who knew more about s*x than I did and gladly shared!!!! So glad Cade finally told someone. Bullies....they are cowards.
I am fighting the weight thing too. I started 2 weeks ago and am down 6 pounds. I HAVE to exercise though...haven't started that part of the plan yet. I think I will start Monday and just DO IT! I hate that part of it.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I'm right there with you on the weight AND the money wasted on groceries. I'm glad that Cade tried to stand his ground with the bully and I hope that things are handled now!

Darlene said...

OH MY WORD I can't believe Cade had that problem with the kid on the bus! That is CRAZY! I'm glad Cade told y'all and it is getting handled! Lexi also rides with older kids and has never had a problem. But, we also know the bus driver and by the time she gets picked up she sits right in the front.

I do hope you are able to work out and lose the weight you want to. I am now down 25 pounds and feeling GREAT! The capris and shorts that I was squeezed into like a sausage are now falling off

Anonymous said...

That's terrible about that thug going after your son! I'm glad the school was finally made aware of it and that they took action. I'm also glad you guys filed a report. . . that was an all out attack.

Yes, I use the podcasts for the Couch to 5K program. In the beginning, I didn't have the iPod, so I just remembered what I was supposed to do and I kept track of the time on a cheap exercise watch I bought that has a stop watch built in. I still use the watch, even with the podcast....helps me know how much time I have left!! :)

Good luck with your efforts in health's a battle!! I love Darlene...she's such an inspiration!!!

Keep in touch!!