Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Sick!

Well, I finally finished my Pinwheel Baby Quilt. This quilt will go to my nephew and his wife. Their baby girl is due at the beginning of July. The beautiful fabric is Moda Bliss. The sweet pattern is by the amazing Jodi and can be found at Moda Bake Shop.

I made a HUGE mistake on this quilt. My prairie points are pointing in instead of facing out like they should:( I didnt notice until I was hand-quilting the borders:( I truly wanted to throw up when I saw the mistake:( I have made this pattern before and it is such a stupid mistake:( I know that unless you see the pattern it probably wont be a big deal but still.....I really wanted it to turn out wonderful. The fabric is SO pretty and I love the pinwheels. I can look at it without feeling sick...almost:(

I really love the Bliss fabric. The back is a green that I found at Joanns. I didnt take a picture of the back. The quilt finished at 43 X 50 1/2. It is hand-quilted.

I am putting the label on today then plan on boxing it up. I'm going to give it to them Wednesday and try to get it out of my head:(


Wendy said...

Libby, it's gorgeous. You shouldn't feel sick, I like them facing in, they look like bunting. And how could anything made from Bliss be sick-making? It's wonderful, can't believe you hand quilted it!! What a labour of love.

Regina said...

Libby - it is wonderful just the way it is - I would not have noticed anything amiss had you not pointed it out (pun NOT intended)... and no one else would probably know the difference either... I have even seen this pattern and it did not click with me that it was different. Not wrong - different. It is YOUR variation and makes this quilt extra special!!!

Monica said...

If you hadn't said the prairie points were backwards I would never have noticed. It looks fantastic just the way it is.

Lana said...

I like that it is different! Quilting is all about the newest design...and by George, I think you have one!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous quilt - a very lucky baby is going to love it.

Kristie said...

You should not be upset about it! Honestly, I would have never have known that it wasn't supposed to be that way if you had not mentioned it. I think it looks lovely. Love those fabrics too!