Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I got all set to put my applique quilt together and I noticed some boo-boos. While making this quilt I used several hand drawn leaf templates. Some of the templates were larger than others.
I really don't want my leaf points getting caught up in my seam allowance. Some of them are ok..barely squeaking by.
BUT, many of them (23 to be exact) are CRAZY bad! I have to redo them.
UGH! I really want to get this quilt put together. I will look at the top then and decide if I want to add borders or not. I want this quilt big enough to use. I have to get moving on it and get it done though because I have a graduation quilt to make and have finished by May.
Guess I better get off the computer and get busy ripping and re-sewing!


Monica said...

After all that work? Major bummer. Here's hoping the redo goes quickly.

MomWaldsPlace said...

Stick in a mini-series and go for it!

Anonymous said...

The thought of re-doing 21 blocks is mind-boggling. I agree with Mom Walds Place that you should pick out a good mini-series and enjoy yourself.

Kristie said...

Oh no!!!! But just think how pretty it will be when you get it finished!

Kim said...

That sounds like a lot of work - It looks like it will be beautiful when you are done! I'm facing a similar situation with a quilt I have been "working" on for over a year...trying to decide if I should rip an eneven side out and redo it :(

Judi said...

Hi Libby
Oh no!! I can't even imagine how frustrated you are. Thats a lot of leaves and ripping to do. I find its best to rip one time and put aside and then begin. How frustrating.
Well you sure have a lot of work to do before May.
Hope you get it done without too much work and then you'll be ready to move on.
have a great day

Library Gal Quilts said...

I made a quilt two summers ago and hastily stitched down my "leaves" to the background fabric. It looked good as a top, but the more I looked at the points and the workmanship, I was crazed by it. I cut all the "leaves" off the background and I am using the method of sewing lightweight facing and turning them inside out. Then I will restitch them to new background. Oy. It has been slow going, but in the end, I'll be so much happier! I think I should do a post about it since you were so brave to do that!