Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Thanks so much for Cade's congratulations! He was pretty excitied himself. Friday, he got kicked out of music class because he was goofing off and making "the other children laugh, causing a disturbance" (sigh) they are practicing for a Winter Spectacular. He has karate the night they are performing so he isnt going to be there. He knows that he should behave anyway!!

Do you give teacher's gifts? Darlene showed pictures of her teachers gifts and they are SO CUTE!! I am giving gifts to Cade's 2 main teachers and his REACH teacher. I bought these little snowmen ornaments at Target. They came in a box of 6 and I think they are very sweet. I'm going to give 1 to my sister too. I usually give the karate instructors Starbuck cards. I need to come up with a clever way to wrap these ornaments!

Today I am going shopping with my oldest son, Joey. I hope that everyone is having a great day!

p.s.-if you click on the picture, in the top corner you can see a little red felt ornament that my sweet Kelsey made when she was in first grade. Joey had the same first grade teacher and made one too. Cade has one that we made here at home when he was a first grader! They are my favorite ornaments on the tree!!


Darlene said...

That red felt ornament is too CUTE!! I see why you LOVE them! Those little snowmen ornaments are adorable. Those would be cute wrapped in a clear bag with some fake, fluffy snow in the bottom tied with a cute ribbon. Hope you have fun shopping today.♥

Aleta said...

Awwwww, I liked the red felt ornament. Seeing ornaments that children make (my parents still have some from when I was a little girl) - those can't be replaced or bought! What a treasure!