Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We had a great Christmas! A wonderful time with our family! I did take some pictures but left my camera at my MIL's. Cade has been begging and writing Santa and thinking that he would die if he didnt get this "one special toy". It is "Scorpian" from an old movie "Mortal Combat" He's all into Karate so we found an old copy of the movie and he loved it! Every since then he has asked for the toy from the movie. Of coarse, they dont make the toy anymore but you can find "collectibles" from the movie! I have no idea who would collect these ( the movie really stinks) but I guess if you are into karate it is o.k. Anyway, after pricing these "collectibles" we told Cade that Santa cant make vintage toys. He was pretty bummed out. That is all he wanted for Christmas, well, he wanted a black ski mask too. (we tell ourselves that he is not wierd, just gifted) Andy found a Scorpian thet we could afford and ordered it, then we worried if it would get here in time for Christmas! It did, and we wrapped it and put it under the tree. Cade got up Christmas morning and he looked and looked to see if Santa brought it. Finally, when he opened his presents he was THRILLED!! He even cried! I have pictures that I will have to post later! That was a really nice moment especially since this is probably his last year believing in Santa!

We have been busy around here. We got all the Christmas stuff down and put away on the 27. I miss looking at the tree but it was time! Cade and I both had Doctors appts. and we have had a nephew over. We have enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in!
And now about GOALS, I have been seeing people make goals for 2010. I think that this is a gret idea and I have really been pondering mine! I really want something doable and some goals that will make me feel better. I have a hard time with "balancing" my life. I LOVE to sew but I like a clean house and I really need to work on a more healthy lifestyle. I am overweight and I have very high blood pressure (I had it even when I was thin and a runner) but being over weight is really bad for it! I also enjoy my computer time. and honestly, if I'm in a rush my first thing to give up is my morning Bible time! That makes me very sad to admit that! I'm going to take a few days and think about balance and my goals! Any thoughts? Any of you have any ideas about balance? I dont know if its time managment or if I'm just not clear on what I want my life to be.
I will posts pictures from Christmas soon! Thanks for reading!


~Bren~ said...

Oh Libby....I SO understand about the balance. I used my homemaking schedule in order to have quilting and reading time (before Sweetheart was laid off...now he helps). Plus I HAD to cut down my computer time so I have my time in the morning and my time at night (about 1/2 hour each) and during the day I might pop on for <5 minutes every so often. Many times when I check my e-mails durning the day I don't sit down....if I sit down I will not get up!
As for weight, that is one of my priority goals this year. I gained 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks and lost 30 pounds last year only to gain it all back PLUS those 7 pounds. Today I am sorting out my goals. I set categories, like Homemaking, Health and Fitness, Life Enhancement, Family/Relationship, etc. Whatever suits your life....then I pick 3 (VERY) specific goals under each category. You are bound to met at least 1 in each category!! Good luck! I am right there with you on this one!
What a blessing that God cares about a little boy's one and only Christmas wish!!! So thrilled you were able to give him that Scorpian! Oh the things we go through!!!

Darlene said...

It sounds like Cade's Christmas wish came true and how exciting for him to have that under the tree on Christmas morning.

My HUGE goal this year is to start exercising and cut down on my portions of food!!!! I desperately need to lose some pounds and hope I can motivate myself enough to do it.

Kristie said...

Oh we do have so much in common! Hunter is just like Cade! He always asks for odd things that are hard to find!

I know what you mean about finding time for everything. I don't work outside of the home but I am still short on time. I had everything on a schedule that worked for me but then hubby got laid off and is home more, now I can't get anything done! :) As far as the weight goes! I would love to loose some weight! I have a thyroid disease and had never had a weight problem until a few years ago, now I am very overweight! :( I am only 5ft tall and now weigh 170lbs! It is hard for me to loose it and I take two BP pills a day and it still runs high!