Monday, December 14, 2009

Wet Weekend!

We had a nasty weekend, weather wise! The temp. stayed around 32-35 degrees and ALOT of rain! We have been under flood warnings all weekend and it is suppossed to start raining again around 3. I guess rain is no where near as bad as snow or ice, but snow sure would be prettier!

We still had a good busy weekend. Andy and Cade got hair cuts. Cade had to get fitted for a new Karate uniform. I went to the local quilt shop (by MYSELF!!) We all 4 went out for pizza and did some Christmas shopping. I also went to Joanns (not by myself) Sunday, we did our church thing, brought a nephew home with us to play then we went to a Christmas concert at church. I love being at church during the holidays, the music and decorations are beautiful. I also think that it is so nice to be around others who are taking time to worship and praise Heaven's Perfect Lamb!!
My quilt shop purchase. Some yardage from Fig Tree Quilts Mill House Inn. It is very pretty and so soft! I was out of white thread.

Another picture of my sweet Wendy, taken last week (before all the rain) I am still waiting to find out if my sister is taking her.

Ruby looking down from above!

I hope that everyone has a happy Monday! I am so thankful that we only have 1 week left of school. I think the kids are getting crazy and the teachers are getting grumpy! I will be more than happy to have my kids home! Do I sound like a Mom that got a snippy note from a teacher?


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Darlene said...

Sorry you had such nasty weather over the weekend.....we had BEAUTIFUL weather. A lot of people were out decorating and putting up lights since it was so nice.

Your fabric looks beautiful and I can't wait to see what quilt you will make with it.

Wendy and Ruby are both so beautiful. I still am hoping Wendy stays there with you in her familiar area. Ruby loves those tiny spots doesn't she?!?