Monday, December 7, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

We got our tree up! It is really a pretty tree. If you look at the picture in the bottom right corner you can see Ruby's tail. She has fallen in love with the tree. She lays under it and rubs up against the branches. She keeps messing up the skirt but she hasnt tried to climb it (yet)

I did a good bit of sewing this weekend. Cade had a karate tournament Saturday morning. I had been dreading it for weeks. He is a purple belt so he sparrs. This makes me very anxious. Sometimes at class I feel like I cant breathe! I know he has on gear, and he is very good and I used to sit and watch my oldest son get stomped on in a soccer goal! He hasnt ever been hurt, I dont know what my problem is!! Anyway, Andy is very understanding (i will just say that i didnt have a wonderful childhood) and He took our 2 boys and the nephew. I was very nervous at home so I used some of that energy to clean house. Cade did fine and got 2 trophies! Next year he has to enter in the 10-12 year old bracket. I will probably faint!

We had a nice Saturday night, staying in and watching tv, playing the Wii and I did some sewing! My Sister in law is home from the hospital. She has a port in her arm and will be on iv antibiotics for 2 weeks. Thanks for your well wishes! She was at church Sunday which I thought was nuts with everybody around her sneezing and coughing!

Today, I need to do some laundry!! also I need to get to the grocery store. I will be at Cade's school on Tuesday and the on wednesday Andy and I are going to celebrate our 20 year anniversary!!! 20 years!! I can't believe it!!

Have a Wonderful week! Libby

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Darlene said...

Your tree looks beautiful. My Midnight can't stay away from our tree. You ought to go back to my last year's pictures when Midnight was a little kitten. I have several posts where she was into EVERYTHING...including peeking out from almost the top of the Christmas tree. This year she just keeps pulling ornaments off. She has only broken 1 so far......

I think a karate tournament would make me nervous too. Glad Cade did so well.

Ruby just cracks me up on the sewing machine. I still just don't think that could be comfortable! Have a great day.