Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Someone needs a Nap!

Yesterday, everyone was back at school or work. The house was very quiet! Nice, but I did miss everybody! I caught up on laundry and did a little sewing. When Cade came home from school I found out that he had fallen asleep in class!! I couldnt believe it! Then while doing his homework, he started crying twice! So, I sent him to bed for a nap. No karate, just a much needed rest! I got him up for supper and he seemed alot better. He did his homework just fine! Today, I have to volunteer at his school and I will probably need a nap! Thanks for reading and Have a Great day! Libby
p.s I had another pic of Ruby sleeping, but blogger did not want to load it...grrrr

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Darlene said...

It sounds like he was worn out! I did the nap thing on Saturday. I was trying to get out my decorations and get the tree decorated and just couldn't manage. Went and took a nap and got it all done after that! YAY for naps!!!♥