Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am hoping that someone (or more) can help me out! Our church's ladies group has a service where you volunteer to bring a meal to a family in need. Well, I signed up and now I need to deliver a meal to our church for a family of 4 (2 adults 2 kids) No allergies or special needs. The meal (I'm guessing the main dish) needs to be delivered to the church in a freezer safe dish. I think the church is storing the meals for the family. Anyway, I have NO idea what to cook or how to know if it's freezable or how to get it fixed if they want to freeze it or what to put it in!! Please, help me!! I sound like an idiot but I'm really stressing out over this! I really feel moved to provide this service and I don't want to turn it into "Libby Drama"

Any help or suggestions will be so so helpful!! My meal isnt "due" until Oct. 15. and when I signed up I put "chicken dish" but I can change it if I need to.

Thanks so much,



barncat (Lisa) said...

I've got a good chicken one (that freezes) and is kid approved. :) My daughter's friends have asked me to make it several times. We adults love it too. ;) I'll type it out and send by way of the email in your profile.

Monica said...

I don't have any on hand but when I did a Google search for easy freazable dinners there was tons of stuff that came up. You might give that a try.

Darlene said...

No help here but both suggestions you received sound perfect!

giddy99 said...

When I make lasagna, I make a second one in a foil "throwaway" pan to put in the freezer, and they always turn out fine when reheated. I would include instructions to either allow to thaw (in fridge) overnight, before re-heating, but it can be done either way.

Wendy said...

Don't panic! You can freeze and then reheat pretty much anything. So long as you don't use any frozen items in your meal you can freeze it. Chicken stew, chicken curry, chicken kiev, anything!