Friday, November 5, 2010

Un-official Friday Night Sew In

I know Heidi and Bobbi's Official Friday Night Sew In isn't until November 19, but tonight I am planning on doing some sewing!!! That may not be wise since most of the time I make "plans" to sew something comes up!!!

Andy's Grandmother died last night. She was 94 and ready to go. It is sad to know someone's life is over but we all know she had a long good life! and other bad news, Sherry (librarian) is really having a hard time with her chemo. She is half way done but keeps winding up in the hospital. I got to see her yesterday and she has decided to take the month of December off from school. Remember there is no money for a library sub. so the other Mom and I will have to keep it open. We are bringing in 2 other volunteers since December is so busy for everyone! I will sure miss my free days at home but I am glad to help out for such a sweet, sweet lady! Another reason why I hope to spend some time sewing tonight!! This weekend will be busy with funeral stuff and not much free time after that!

I am thinking about doing Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt. She has listed the fabrics needed and I now that I will have to do some shopping. Awwwww. Pay no mind to the fact that last years mystery quilt is in a couple of boxes in my sewing room. All 3,896 pieces!!! A quilt shop near us (about 40-45min) is having Fat quarter Friday. Fat quarters for $1.50. Maybe I can talk my husband into us stopping by in between funeral stuff.

Here are the fabrics I have now for the mystery quilt.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


Kristie said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about all the sadness. It is so hard when a loved-one passes even if they have lived a long life. I sure hope your friend start feeling better too.

Love your selections for the mystery quilt so far! I'm having trouble with the double pinks! I have a few but not enough and I looked at Hobby Lobby today and didn't find anything pink that didn't look childish.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I keep wondering about doing a mystery, but it scares me to put so much time into something and then hate it. lol

I will be watching you!!! :)

Bren said...

I am thinking of doing that mystery too....I am 3 weeks behind, but I could spend some time and catch up. I want SOMETHING to do in that new studio and this would be perfect!
Send me some words that will puch me over the edge into doing it!!!