Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warty Wednesday

What a morning!! Right now (8am) it is 46 and pouring rain!! It is so dark that I made Cade wait for the bus with a flashlight! I stood on the porch freezing to make sure that he didnt drown or get ran over!! Please note that I would have been more than happy to drive him but he wanted to ride the bus in the rain!! He is also trying the school breakfast for the first time! Considering that this kid eats nothing, I doubt that he will eat the school breakfast!
In other fun news, Cade has a wart on his foot that I had hoped would go away on it's own! But my ignoring it hasnt cured it so we are off to the doctors this afternoon to have them do whatever it is that they do to a wart!! The excitement never stops!!
Andy is off from work today so even though this would be a perfect "stay in and sew" day. I have a feeling that he has other plans!
Here is a bad picture of my black featherweight. Andy bought it for me on one Mother's Day. It is perfect and sews like a dream. I keep it out in my living room so that I can look at it (and it can collect dust) I need to get some better pictures of it and the white one. They are so much fun!
Have a wonderful wednesday!


Kristie said...

Love your featherweight! I bought one a while back for $5 and it works great!!! I really didn't care if it worked or not, I was just going to sit it out for looks.

Poor Cade! Andrew had a wart removed from his finger this past summer. It was in the way when he played guitar, he said. Can you believe that they put him to sleep to burn that thing off!!!! I couldn't believe that they would have to knock him out, I thought they would just numb it and cut it out.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

How are things with the bus bully going? I'm guessing that since Cade is still riding that all is going well?

Woo hoo for the featherweight! :)