Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Night Stitching

Our schools were closed today too! That is fine by me. Our yard and driveway are still an icy mess. I am going to have to go out soon though, I am fixing our last real meal for supper tonight.

We have our Saturday Sewing at church tomorrow and I plan on getting out for that! I need some adult conversation! I will be taking some hand embroidery with me. I am testing some patterns for a lady that is opening an etsy shop. I am working hard and fast to get these stitchings done, and Cade was watching me doing a stem stitch. He said " I want to try" well, I am in a hurry but he was interested so I got ready to teach him but NO! He said that he knew how to do it! You can imagine that he didnt stitch too long! But, he looked so cute trying!


Val said...

I have a friend that when her little boy was small she taught him to crosstitch. He LOVED it and made beautiful things. He never got in to any trouble as a teen and in his pass time he would stitch. Love it!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

So what did his attempt look like??? :)