Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Year of the PIG

Jill over at Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor has started a support group for PIGs. PIG's are Projects in Grocery bags or unfinished projects. I don't know of any quilters or crafters that have no unfinished projects. Most probably have quite a few! I probably have less than most because as a handquilter, I have to know my limits! However, I do have some projects I would like to finish. I just don't know when I will!

Jill will be posting questions for participants to answer. The first question is "How do you store your PIGS seperate from your stash?" I do store my PIGS seperate from my stash.

Here is a kit that I have started piecing. I started this years ago. I was working at a LQS and we stored our projects in Pizza boxes.

As you can see, a pizza box makes a great storage for blocks and fabric that has been cut. Everything was very neat and tidy until the cat knocked the box over. The downside to storing your PIGS in a pizza box is that if it is knocked upside down, everything comes out!

I have some string/strips stored in a heavy duty box. I would really like to make some more string blocks!

I also use clear plastic containers as storage. These have a nice lid and you can see what is in it. My favorite form of storage. This has the blocks for Bonnie Hunter's last years Mystery Quilt. Will I finish it? I don't know. I really like this years better and I doubt I would make both!

I keep my embroidery projects (patterns, floss) in ziplock bags. Whatever project that I am currently working on goes into my cute little project bag.

How do you store your PIGS?


Kristie said...

I've heard of a lot of people storing theirs in pizza boxes! I can't wait to be able to organize mine better when I get moved to a bigger space.
Have a great day!

Regina said...

Pizza boxes sound great!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I think pizza boxes would be cool, too! As long as they aren't previously used! lol Although, without the snapping lids of plastic containers, I would overflow the pizza boxes every time. :)

Val said...

Oh my stuff is everywhere! Pizza boxes is a great idea!