Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Friday Friday

Well Folks, we made it to Friday! Always a good thing. Cade is still liking school. He hasnt had any homework that may be why:)
Kelsey left this morning to go back to school :( It really makes me sad. We had a great summer together. She did alot of knitting and crocheting while I sewed. She went along to a Saturday Sewing at church with me. We walked together, cooked together. I cleaned up after her;) and she worked very hard at Old Navy to earn spending money for this school year. I hope that she has a great year at college! Here is the pillowcase that I made to match her quilt.

I had to laugh because Kelsey has long made fun of my pillowcases. She teases me about how many I make and how when ever I buy fabric I offer to make her a pillowcase out of it. Let's just say that she has many, many pillowcases!! She has told me many times that she has enough pillowcases and doesnt need anymore! Imagine my surprise when she asked if I had enough fabric to make her a pillowcase to match her new quilt! HA!! She should listen to her old Mom!

Have you seen all the bow ties going around? Here, Here and here? Even on Facebook!
I had to join in on the fun. I have a small stash of Civil War fabrics and fabrics that may not be CW Repros but I think they "go with them" I am LOVING making these blocks. I don't want to stop! I spent a few hours cutting a little stack of fabrics (my back was screaming when I was done) It is SO nice to sit and piece some now. My husband loves Civil War quilts but for some reason he doesnt like this chedder. Who cares? cause I do;) It is a Moda Bella solid.

I have a sweet niece that is graduating May 2012. That girl has been asking for a graduation quilt for 3 years!!! I have been trying out some blocks and patterns. Still havent made my mind up yet. Here are a couple made with some scraps. This block is huge!! 21 1/2 inches.

This block was fun but alot of cutting! Pattern and inspiration found here. I could look at these quilts all day long!

Andy will be home this afternoon from helping Kelsey move. We plan on having a quiet evening, maybe take Cade out to celebrate his first week as a Middle Schooler!
Enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I think Cade deserves to celebration his first week in middle school.

And the pillowcase is so pretty.