Monday, August 29, 2011

Do You?


Read Amanda Jean's Blog "Crazy Mom Quilts"?

I LOVE her blog! I have emailed with her a couple of times and she is SO sweet! I love her style and her quilts.
I fell in love with this quilt of hers.

I had a couple of free hours Sunday evening so I thought I would try me some applique.
Hmmm, I know that AmandaJean used the wax paper method of applique. I did some reading up on it (which really means I spent 1 hour on the internet) and gave it a try.

Not too good:( Its pretty lopsided. I love the look and the idea of hand applique. I love hand work so I really would like to be able to do this. Any hints or tips?

Do you applique? What is your favorite method?

Today is my grocery shopping day and I also have to take Cade to karate later today. I hope to try this block again.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

My attempts at applique have not been good so I pretty much stick to piecing (on the machine). I'm just not good at fine handwork.

Kristie said...

Hi Libby! I also love her blog and that quilt! She is wonderful, isn't she?

As far as applique goes for me, I love the look of hand applique but I'm not that good at it. Everyone tells me to practice, practice, practice, but I am a very impatient person. LOL! So what little applique that I do is machine applique! :)

Val said...

No, I have never tried it but I may have to since I saw yours!! I LOVE it!