Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Giving Up...

...Yet! Here is my progress on my applique blocks. You can see who I am copying:) here.

The first day I loved doing applique! The 2nd day I hated everything about it but I kept at it! I am really enjoying the process now. My blocks are nowhere near even close to perfect. My points arent even what you would call pointy;) but I am liking how they are turning out and I feel more confident. I guess, like most things with sewing, it takes practice, practice and more practice!

2 of my favorite blocks.

I found this great tutorial. It helped alot. I love the smell of starch..and its so cheap!

I also made these blocks to send off to Bren. To help out a sweet girl.

I just love a 9-patch! Don't you?


Anonymous said...

Your applique looks great - stick with it.

Also love the 9-patch.

Bren said...

Yeah!! A yellow block! I haven't gotten one of those yet! They both look wonderful and will be perfect in the raffle quilt. You are a doll!!!
I have never done the starch method of applique. I always do needle turn, but this method looks worth trying! Oh...and I LOVE hand applique, unless I am appliqueing down an acorn with cap the size of a pea!

Val said...

Oh I love your applique!!! You are making me want to learn this too!! Another thing on my list!!! lol

Kristie said...

I think they look great! I have not tried the starch method, I will have to try to remember that next time.

Sandra said...

They look beautiful, love it :)

MomWaldsPlace said...

Your appliques look great as do your nine patches.