Monday, September 26, 2011

Sports Weekend

Not much sewing going on here this weekend! Our nephew, Stewart spent the weekend with us and Saturday morning we had to have him at the baseball field at 830am. UGH!

Stewart did really well! He got a hit and scored! This is his first year playing baseball. Andy and I thought the coach was a big jerk! He was yelling and screaming and these kids are 7 & 8 years old! I was glad when the game was over.

After baseball, we grabbed Chickfila and then went to Cade's karate graduation. He is a brown/black belt, the last belt before BLACK! This graduation was almost 2 hours long:( and it was hot:( Here is Cade doing some of his kicks. I was hoping to get a pic of the lady in the red shirt, left corner of the picture. Everybody around us was pretty sure that she was drunk. Maybe she had just had a bad night.

Here is Cade and Stewart after the grauation. Cade was so sweaty!

This is Cade and his buddy Luke. Cade and Luke started karate at the same time. Whenever they perform they stand beside each other and do their moves exactly together. Makes them look really good! Poor Cade, Luke is almost 2 years younger than Cade! Cade is just a shorty!

They are holding their new belts. They start training for their black belts this week!

Hope that you all had nice weekends!


Kristie said...

How exciting for Cade! Sounds like you all had a busy weekend. I think it is great that he is so intrested in karate, I think they all need something like that.

Anonymous said...

It can be so much fun following the kids in their sporting events but also frustrating, as in the case with the baseball coach.

Cade is young to be going for his black belt, isn't he?