Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog Find

I have been wanting to make my Kelsey a hand embroidered pillow case for her college dorm. I love the look of embroidery and I really like the idea of giving her a gift that is handmade. The internet is loaded with so many beautiful pictures, patterns and ideas! I enjoy handquilting so much and I have always wanted to get better at hand embroidery. I am a very weak beginner and I know that if I want to get better at it then I will have to practice! I spend alot of time waiting for Cade to get out of school and embroidery is a perfect "take with you" project.

I started looking on the internet for a cute, simple project. I came across this blog. big B is an embroidery blog written by a lady named Kim. The blog is named after her very nice looking dog! Kim's blog is fantastic! She is currently working her way through a 100 embroidery stitches book. She shows how to do many stitches and I can't wait to see them all! The pictures on her blog are so pretty and her work is beautiful! I fell in love with her Lazy Daisy Heart and knew that I wanted to do that pattern on a pillowcase for Kelsey. Kim has an etsy shop and I was able to buy her Be Mine pack for $3. This booklet is full of sweet patterns, it's 13 pages! She sends the pattern book in a pdf email! It came right away and I started practicing right away!

I also asked Kim about her favorite colors of floss to use for these projects and she got back to me right away! I am having so much fun doing this. I still need to practice my stitches before I start the real project but I'm pretty proud of what I have done so far! and it's fun, relaxing work!

I PROMISE that I don't know Kim at all and I did not tell her that I would blog about her site! I just loved her blog and I am a very happy customer! I am very excitited that I found exactly what I was looking for and learned some new stitches too!

Have a Great Day and Thanks for reading!



Darlene said...

How neat that you have come across a blog with JUST exactly what you wanted!! That picture is beautiful. I bet Kelsey will love her pillow case. She will think of your love each time she uses or even looks at it. Hope you are having a great evening!♥

Aleta said...

I envy your talent and love the heart! It's beautiful. Thank you for the link, I'll check out her blog.