Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Heart Hearts!

I have been practicing my hand embroidery again! I am making Kelsey some embroidered pillow cases for Valentine's Day. I still need more practice before I do the actual project but I am loving the practice! I am using my patterns from Big B. Kelsey's favorite color is purple so I will use some purple in the ones that I do for her. I think that I will make some pin cushions out of these practice squares. My back stitch really needs some work!!

Things have been busy around here. We are getting a new roof because of some hail damage. I have 2 very pretty leak marks in my kitchen and bathroom! We have had roofers and insurance people in and out! Ruby does not like this at all! She hides under my bed! I would rather take my chances with the roofers than to go under my bed! Yuck! Cade had his first orthodontist appointment this week! That boy has some really crazy front teeth! The skin from his top lip is joined too tightly to his gums, pulling his two front teeth up. They are going to put in a spreader to help them come down without surgery. Kelsey and Joey were both in braces at the same time. Kelsey had hers for 4 years!! Cade's seem cheap compared to the price of the two of theirs!!

I am still "working" in the library at Cade's school. We have another Book Fair starting next week!!! We just had one in October! Cade's school was just built last year. It turned out not to be a good year to build a new school! The county and state both had to cut budgets so the school building is very nice and modern....just not much money left to furnish somethings like library books, tv's, projectors, things like that. There have been fund raisers going on all year long! I am sure that the parent's are getting tired of it!

We may get some frozen rain in here on Friday night. I will not complain though, so many of the bloggers that I read are getting so much snow and braving snow and ice storms! I know that we are ready for Spring!
Thanks for reading!


Darlene said...

I enlarged your picture and it looks like your embroidery is FABULOUS. Really pretty!!!

YAY for the new roof but boo for the hail damage which is making you get it. I hate hail!

Does Cade have that piece of skin connecting his top lip with the gum or center of his teeth? I had that and Lexi also had that. When I was young they just clipped that piece of skin and my teeth grew together and I never had to have braces. When Lexi started going to the dentist they asked me if I had had that because it is usually hereditary and she had the same thing. When she was in 1st grade, they did the same procedure on her. It is under anesthesia but that area heals really quickly. She will probably still need braces though and has had a spreader type plate (behind her teeth pushing outward) on her upper teeth for a couple of years now. Hopefully, Cade's spreader will work and he won't need a surgery.

Our frozen precip. and snow is supposed to happen tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we keep our power!

Winona said...

Libby, I think your embroidery is great. I am still in the learning process of embroidery too. I love primitive embroidery. I hope your son gets along good and doesn't need surgery. It is cold here, but we missed all the winter weather. Hope you don't get a lot of ice. Winona