Friday, January 15, 2010


Woo Hoo! It's finally Friday! This morning I'm taking my son Joey for his driving test! He is 18 and just now getting his license. We are bad parents and would not let him get them until he straightened up some bad behavior that he was having! Hopefully, this will be a good thing for him!
I'm very excitied about the Friday Night Sew in! I don't know yet what I will work on. Maybe several things! I found this old Moda Christmas kit on top of my cabinet. I have it all cut out and a couple of blocks done. I did it at the quilt shop that I worked at in 2005 or 06! We kept our projects in pizza boxes. My box was very dusty but all the fabric inside was neat and still in order!
I have been practicing my embroidery and I'm trying decide what other pattern to put on the second pillow case. There are so many cute ones in that packet it's hard to choose! I will post them as soon as I finish!
Have a great weekend!

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Darlene said...

You are going to have fun working away at the Friday Night Sew in! It sounds like you are great parents making Joey straighten up before you allowed him to get his license. I hope he keeps acting right after getting the license.

Oh, and I definitely hope Lexi makes a bunch of 3 point shots. She is REALLY good at all the sports she plays except basketball. Hopefully, she will get a bit more assertive and do alright. They only have 5 games though, so about the time she really starts "getting" it, it will be over! Have a great weekend Libby!♥

Heidi said...

I love your idea of storing projects in pizza boxes.. now I just need to get my hands on some.

Can't wait to see what you work on. I'm pumped for tonight!