Saturday, January 23, 2010

February Friday Night Sew In

Thanks Heidi (Handmade by Heidi) The next Sew In is Friday 19! I hope to get alot done! On Saturday the 20 I am taking a redwork class at the local quilt shop! Sounds like a great weekend!

If you want to join, you don't have to sew, it can be any craft! Just go to Heidi's blog, sign in, and make plans to spend that Friday working on a project. Saturday, you blog what all you got done! I had a great time during the last Sew In! I enjoyed it so much!

Today, I am putting the binding on the never-ending baby quilt! I am taking it to the Grandmother on Sunday and I will make sure to post some pictures of it!
Have a great weekend!


Darlene said...

Hahaha the never-ending baby quilt. I bet you aren't going to want to do a baby quilt for a while after this one is finished! I definitely want to see it when you are through.

I think the redwork class will be fun. I want to go to a knitting class and learn that. Our town is really small and only has a Hobby Lobby for a craft store. I think I am going to ask the manager to think about having someone do a class on it. Enjoy your weekend.♥

~Bren~ said...

I plan to join the sew in this time. I think getting my son's quilt top together will be my goal!!!