Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew In!

I enjoyed my Friday night Sew in so much! I can't wait for the next one! I got into my comfy jammies at about 530, I was a little late because I just HAD to mop and vacuum my floors then I made cupcakes for the boys! I also made some spinach artichoke dip for me! It was very good but not healthy at all! Finally, I got down to business!
This is the kit that I had kept in a pizza box for about 5 years. It is a Moda Christmas quilt. I had already cut everything out and had even pieced a few of the blocks. They are super easy. Look how neat the pieces stayed in the box! The box was covered in dust though!

I really enjoyed piecing these blocks. I have 11 done, I need 18 for the quilt. I would like to have this done for Christmas 2010! I love the fabrics in this quilt. There are several wovens that are a little slippery but I think they will be fine!
After piecing for awhile, I decided to make the back for the baby quilt that I finished last week. After that I went ahead and basted the quilt. I am so glad that I got this out of the way! I hate basting! Ugh! My floor was clean so tonight was a perfect night to get it done! Now I can get to the part I like the best...the quilting!

Ruby likes to "help" me baste! I sure wish that she could!

I decided to quilt circles on the pin wheel blocks. With all those pin wheel points and the prairie points, I hope that the circles will soften it up! I always worry about the quilting when I start but I usually love it by the time I'm done..or else I tell myself that I love it just to finish it up!!

I had a great night. I feel like I got alot done! I can't wait to see what everyone else did! Thank you Heidi so much for hosting this!
Have a great weekend!


~Bren~ said...

Wow Libby! You did get a lot done. I will have to join in next time. I thought to myself, "I will do this too" when I read about it on your blog, but then totally forgot. I could have had the Hidden Star pieced!
About the basting....dislike is too light of a word, but since we don't "hate" anything around here, I will use TJ's words..."I don't love that!" It is always nice to have a friend help you baste. I always thread that a plastic t-strip baster? How do you like that?
Your hand quilting is GORGEOUS and the circles will soften all the points for sure!!
Like I said, next time I will join you!

Darlene said...

Morning Libby,

You got TONS done!! The baby quilt looks gorgeous and I love the circles on the pin wheel points. I don't think you will have any problem at all finishing up that Christmas quilt. The colors look beautiful on it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Lovely job on the quilts! The fabric is beautiful. Wasn't the Friday Night Sew-In fun??

Lis said...

Hi Libby, you got loads done. I absolutely love the quilted circles on the pinwheels and I think the colours of that quilt and the Christmas quilt are wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing them when they're finished - sure you'll get it done for Christmas 2010, it's only January and look how much you've done already. PS I would have shared the fish and chips with you!! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, Lis xx

jillquilts said...

You got a ton done!! I barely did anything cuz I worked so late. :(

Good for you! :)

Lynne said...

Oh my I can't believe how much you got done - what was I playing at!!! I love the circles you hand stitched.
Lynne RidgeAndFurrow.

Sandy said...

It is a lot more fun to piece when everything is cut already. Love your circles on the pinwheels and love seeing what everyone else did at Sew-In.

Abi said...

I'm enjoying looking at what everyone accomplished on FNSI.

Mine is posted here

Cath Ü said...

Everything looks lovely well done...
Cath Ü

Notjustnat said...

Glad you enjoyed FNS-in and you got a lot done in one night. Love the baby quilt, such beautiful and soft color - Hugs Nat

Dana said...

goodness gracious I love a gal that hand quilts!! Beautiful!

Kristie said...

WOW! You got so much done!!! I love that kit, looks great and your hand quilting looks amazing!!