Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Quilt...again

This is the baby quilt that I am making for a lady at church to give to her friend. The lady said to make it purple and girly. This is a pattern that I have made before. It is from Alex Anderson's Baby Quilts book. It is so so easy to make! I wanted to show my fabric choice. Andy thought that it looks too "old" but I think that when I'm done it will be ok. I have a purple gingham for the back and I will bind it in the yellow. When I finish quilting the quilt, I will cut the curved border which really makes the quilt special!

Here is the same pattern. I made this for the quilt shop to show off Moda's new on-the-roll bias binding. The fabric is Moda Shangri La.

Cade said that he would pose and act like he was using the quilt! This poor quilt hung at the shop for a long time then I brought it home and hung it on the ladder in my living room. It has never been used or loved like a quilt should be used!!

He is really getting into it isn't he??!! This little quilt is 38x42. It is hand quilted in a 1 inch crosshatch.

I hope that everyone is having a good week! Thursday is my last "free" day before the book fair starts up. I may not post much next week. I will be at Cade's school everyday. I'm not used to being away from home that much!
I am hoping that my sweet girl will come home this weekend! Since we are due more cold rain she will warm our house up for sure!!!
Thanks for reading!


Marie said...

I love the rounded unique and adds such a nice touch! The purple one is cute, but I LOVE that brown and green one you made for the quilt shop!

Niki said...

That is a beautiful quilt, I love the scalloped edges!

Judi said...!!! Beautiful beautiful quilt! I love how you scalloped the edges. I can't wait to see the 2nd one finished. Its gorgeous. That takes such exact patience and you are great!! Thank you for sharing. Love the little one snuggled up so cozy warm. *s*..
have a great weekend.

Winona said...

Libby, I, too, love the scalloped edges on the little quilt you made for the shop. I think the purple one will be lovely for a baby girl. Winona

winterpeachblog said...

Good church friends are always the best. What a lovely quilt.

Kristie said...

Love those quilts! Believe it or not but I have never tried the scalloped edges! Love how they look.

Michelle said...

What cute quilts! Thanks for sharing!
be blessed,