Monday, November 29, 2010

It Was Bound To Happen!

Well! My sweet precious darling baby daughter has a boyfriend!!! Now, you all may be thinking "Hmmm..isnt her daughter 20 years old?" Yes, she is 20 years old but this is the first boyfriend!!
Kelsey has always been a sweetheart! She is SUPER smart (she dont get it from me) All through high school she was dedicated to her school work, volunteer programs and friends. In that order. She has never been a social butterfly. She spent most of her weekends home, doing homework. She didnt pay much attention to guys, she had guy friends but thought most were stupid. She graduated with high honors and got a rocking scholarship to the college that she wanted to go to. Andy and I were (and are) very proud! and yes, we probably were a tad self righteous when our friends were dealing with girl/boy friend drama!

First year of college was a dream come true for Kels. Lots of new friends and experiences. She had a blast!! We did start to hear about one boy often but only as a friend. "Friend" invited Kels. to his formal.
Second year, Kels. invites "friend" to her formal. Kelsey called me asking how to fix brownies for "friend" Kelsey calls asking how to make cookies. Her and "friend" want to make cookies. Then she's off to the movies with "friend" studying with "friend" blah blah blah!!

She called to tell us that it was facebook official..."friend" had become boyfriend ..Joey...not to be confused with our Joey.

She told us this weekend that Joey really wants to continue his education at UCLA Law School and did we know that UCLA has a GREAT Psychology Dept.?? I swear, Andy turned green and had to sit down!!


Kristie said...

Oh my!! I really don't know what to say...good for her but I feel sorry for you!!! Boyfriend and UCLA all in one wonder Andy turned GREEN! :)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

OH, they are so cute together!!! Tell Andy not to stress yet! ;)

Michelle said...

Congratulations to Kelsey's new future and 'friend'. They are cute.

Judi said...

Hi Libby
Your daughter certainly sounds very smart and she has put her education in first place which is key. Now it sounds like her first boyfriend is just as aspiring as she is. They look a cute couple. I hope they have a lovely relationship....friend to boyfriend. Very sweet.

Val said...

Oh this is so cute. You are very blessed that she is just now getting a boyfriend and that she had her priorities in order. I have a granddaughter that is 15 and is just like that. She doesn't care about all that social stuff and studies hard and is just gorgeous. I hope she waits to get serious too.

Bren said...

I agree with everything Judi said. Sounds like they both have their priorities in line. Age 20 is still young....on a mom scale...but you have a wise girl there.